Omari Hardwick Says He Would Like To Sit Down With Mayor Giuliani

omari hardwick

omari hardwick

Starz’s “Power” star, Omari Hardwick, sat down with “Huffington Post” this week and during his interview Hardwick said he would like to have a conversation with Mayor Rudy Giuliani after the comments he made during his (Giuliani’s) interview with “Face the Nation” this past Sunday.

In Giuliani’s interview he suggests Black parents to be very careful around the police, saying that some are good and some are bad, and that can be hard to distinguish. -Well yea, that is most people as humans, but when  you put on a badge, that holds you to higher expectations. The job description is to protect and serve. Furthermore, Giuliani also states that Black children, in particular young black boys, are more at risk of being killed by one another, their neighbors, than by the police.

“You’re not wrong, but the reality is let’s have a further conversation as to why black kids are killing each other,” Hardwick to Huffington Post and goes on to point out,  “The reality is, because ‘black lives mattering’ has never made it to the mindset of young black men to understand the reason we matter is because we matter.”

Hardwick has made a great point, that people only now seem to be awakening to. Much of our Black on Black crime is due to the fact that we don’t value human life any more. These Black boys Giuliani speaks of don’t even value their own lives because society is not teaching them to do so, and for those who are trying to be taught, life shows them otherwise.

One cannot win what they never can master. So even if they go to school eight hours a day and come back to the same chaos and hell for twenty-two (accounting travel), then they can only change so much. It is like a catch 22. Let’s see if Hardwick gets that sit down.

To view the Huffington Post interview with Hardwick click here.


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