6 Tips For Finding Peace and Recharging In All This Madness


The past week has been mentally and emotionally draining. As a media outlet, we tried to stay abreast of all events, but as an individual, it has been tiresome and heartbreaking with each event unfolding after the next. It’s hard to think about one’s self, when you are watching your brothers being killed and your community protesting. It makes one feel selfish, but the truth of the matter is we are not good to anyone if we are not taking care of ourselves. We thought to share the following tips:


1.Detach from social media.-You all knew this would be number #1. TV no longer dominates, but almost everyone has a smartphone with social media networks, and believe me it is hard. I place my phone on the charger somewhere not near me, so I the notifications don’t catch my attention.

2.Take time to look for the facts. – Don’t enrage yourself with what could be inaccurate information. Do some researching before too quickly approaching a conclusion.

3.Write out your thoughts. You don’t have to publish them anywhere or create a blog, but writing is a great outlet for releasing your thoughts and frustrations.

4. Participate in calming activities.- Do something like go walking (in a safe place), take a long relaxing bath, clean and/or organize, work out, listen to some old school or inspirational music or gospel  (but something calming).

5. Avoid energy draining people.- Taking time to yourself is important. The last thing you need to be associated with are overly dramatic people and negative Nancy’s. We are talking about self care. Mature enough people will understand your why.

6. Remember your purpose.- Times like this can be very trying as one who aims to live a life of purpose. We can feel helpless and wonder if you  are doing enough, but remember the first thing is to be woke. Remembering your purpose can possibly help you come up with a more effective way to help.
Now these are all the options that we can think of but if you have suggestions, we would love to know. Enjoy your Sunday before you go back into the war zone of the week.



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