Wednesday Wonder Woman: Sherie Phillips

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What is your name and how did you become who you are?

Sherie Khadija Phillips Thomas

How old are you?

35 years young

Where are you from?

Bogalusa, Louisiana

Tell me how you first got involved with (business, volunteering, etc.…)?

I first got involved in healthcare in 1995.  My career began at an attorney’s office, strangely enough.  There was a 10 x 10 square foot room filled with medical records that someone had to review for signs and symptoms that were related to a chemical spill.  None of the other legal secretaries, paralegals, or attorneys were up for the task.  I took on the challenge like a champ and enjoyed every minute of it.  During my review, I made daily telephone calls to Louisiana Medicare and discovered my passion.  During one of the calls, a manager who happened to be covering for her staff, identified my enthusiasm and offered me a job over the telephone.  Within one week, I located a daycare for my one-year- old son and a house to lease.  Two weeks from the day of the job offer, I sat proudly and excitedly at my new workstation at Louisiana Medicare.

What is your first impression of the beginning of your advocacy?

My first impression of my career appeared to be very intimidating; therefore, I was determined to receive formal education in order to excel within my position. During my research for formal education, medical billing and coding appeared to be the closest subject that could assist.  I enrolled into the program at LSU in 2000, and everything fell into place with the vision God placed on my life.


What do you most find challenging about (your business, volunteering, etc.…)?

As the business blossoms, marketing is the biggest challenge. The products and services that are offered at the Institute are valued to every healthcare organization; therefore, they need to know that we are a local organization present and willing to assist with healthcare reimbursement, training and education.

What’s the best thing to happen to you since starting (your business, volunteering,etc.…)?  

I allowed God to lead me! The vision that God has for my life is so clear that my heart races with excitement, as he continuously lights my path. I have been awarded a contract with the state of Louisiana to train healthcare organizations.

If you could change one thing about being an advocate? What would it be?

I would love to find a way to reach more people.  I have the ability to prepare individuals that have gone through other institution’s medical billing and coding program for their national certification exam. Having a national certification and experience is vital within this profession, and I have the ability to provide both.

What do you wish other people knew about your outreach mission?

In 2000, when I enrolled as a student, terrified on my first day; I had no idea that God was preparing me to offer the exact same course previously offered by the major world-renowned university of LSU.

What’s your personal philosophy on what should be done to help steer society in a positive direction?

Education! I feel that the state of society is currently in disarray due to the lack of misguidance and improper education.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I like to walk barefoot outside on the weekend!


What would you tell someone who is thinking about going in a more positive direction in how they live life?

Pray and learn to allow God to lead your path.

What do you think will change about your business) over the next five years?

I will have this program available to more than 250 students annually.

In five words or less how would you describe (YOU)?

Dedicated, determined, loved, giving and chosen.


What do you do when you aren’t running your business?

Mentor other entrepreneurs, perform community service and decorate.

What else can you tell me about you or your mission?

I was taught by someone near to me that I first should take care people, then the mission and lastly myself in order to become a more effective leader. Therefore, my mission is not driven by

monetary values, I am driven and chosen to assist other individuals reach their potential. I not only provide medical billing and coding education; I also, provide training and experience

needed to enter the workforce. I have a 75% initial passage rate of the CPC certification.


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