Wednesday Wonder Woman: Kia Clark



How would you describe your swagher? What makes Kia, Kia?

My ambition, my drive, my motivation, my creativity! I dream big and take steps to make sure that dreams soon become reality, along with my love and loyalty to that needle and thread (sewing in extensions). I truly love what I do. A client’s smile after I finish her hair, is worth more than any money that could be put in my hand for my services.

What sparked your interest in hair and how long have you been in the beauty industry?

I have been doing hair since I was seven years old! At that young age, my mother use to buy me doll heads, and that’s all I wanted to do was wash and braid my doll’s head. Then I knew that’s where my passion was at. In highschool, I braided most of the basketball and football players hair in my town,but then I was told I should find another interest, one that will maybe a better financial career. I stopped doing hair, and I went to college to pursue a degree in pre- law. That is when I was introduced to “sewins” in 2010. I had seen them done, and a fellow student was upset; she needed someone to fix her hair. I offered my lending hand to help her, and  she loved the way I fixed it. Next thing you know, I was a hot commodity in my college! Everyone wanted their hair done, and the love I had for hair was rekindled. Forty days before graduation in 2012, I decided to call my mother to pick me up from school, because I was dropping out! She cried, but I assured her me coming home and following my dreams would be nothing but success! Fours years later, look at me now Mom and Dad!

How are you able to work a Monday through Friday schedule in that industry?
When you truly love what you do, it’s not looked at as a job. I look forward to meeting and servicing my clients during the week. I make sure I stay organized, and my clients are aware and understand my policies, so I can stay on top of things.


What obstacles) have you overcame in your career or life and how did you do so?

Curling! Oh my goodness! When I first started out,  I could NOT style any of my work to save my life. All my installs were plain and just straight. I got so determined to one day change that. I started Googling tips, watching Youtube videos,asking to watch other hairdressers, anything I could think of. I bought numerous new equipment to help me. After about a year and a half (lol), practice makes perfect! I was so determined to get it, then I finally did. I was so happy to do “Kim Kardashian” curls.

I’ve began to notice more and more people actually taking sides and/or commenting about others bullying due to alopecia or having “no edges” remarks. What are your thoughts and what can women due to prevent this?

Bullying someone due to their hair issues is wrong on so many levels. As women, that’s how we feel beautiful! Whether it’s long wavy locs or a brush cut, our hair makes us, us. No one truly knows another’s situation to even judge. I’ve dealt with numerous ladies with alopecia, hair breakage, “no edges” etc, and all are still beautiful ladies. I try my best give them as much help as I can by giving tips to take care of their hair such as:

  • Go back to using grease.
  • If using any type of glue or adhesive use the proper solutions for removal.
  • Use heat protector when applying heat to hair.
  • Use flexi rods or rollers instead of curling appliances.
  • Try “Baby Don’t Be Bald” or other hair growing products like Rogaine that can help stimulate dead hair follicles.
  • Get hairstyles that may be less stress on your real hair, For example, no braids if your real hair is weak and brittle, because  it will break it off.

All these things that can be done to help hair issues.


What hair trends are you predicting for this summer?
Lots and lots of lace closures and lace frontal installs. A lot of people have extreme hair damage or are transitioning from relaxed to natural, so a closed sew-in with no hair out, a closure piece, and/or natural flexibility is the “look” this summer! Protective styles.

Do you have any upcoming events or projects that you would care to share with our followers?

Things I’m working on are still in the works! I’ll be revealing them soon!

What words of inspiration would you care to share in closing?

The Sky is NOT the limit!

Please list your website and social network links.

Instagram: @TheRealllTek9_
Facebook: Kia Clark
Twitter: @Princess_Kiaaa
Snapchat: Queen_Kia92
For bookings and pricing:


Photography by Gabrielle Cornish.

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