But Which One Likes Me More? 4 Ways to Tell Via Texts According to Derrick Jaxn


Derek Jaxson

I found this interesting post by Derrick Jaxn this morning where he shares a story about how a friend was trying to decide which of two guys pursuing her, liked her more. Jaxn was able to determine this with four points after looking at text messages from the guys. I was so impressed I am sharing them below.


“If a guy can converse with you without an immediate need for it to turn into something physical, he f***s with you. Jaxn says that it is normal for a guy to want to see you face to face, but he explained how one guy was texting things like, “Pull up” or “Slide though”, whereas the other guy was asking when could he hear her voice.


When a dude really likes you, he is going to check in with you about specific things you said you had to do in your day. Jaxn went on to say “How are your day texts are not bad” but as many of us may have already picked up on, they are so broad, we don’t know if he was really listening to anything or not before.When he asks about specific things, you know he is paying attention. Jaxn says that in fact that question is so easy, many guys go on and get it out the way, so they can ask the things they really want to ask, in Jaxn’s words, “What time are you dropping off your vagina?”


“If we hit you late at night when we’re not horny, but in our feelings, you got us wide open.”

Jaxn admits he saw texts during booty call hours, but apparently (and he did not say it this way) they were more like the guy’s feelings and thoughts but no calls to action.


He’s concerned for your safety. Jaxn says confirmation of the second guy’s interest came from a text saying “Be safe on that road.” versus a “Hit me up when you get there.” Men only want to be sure the things they care about are safe Jaxn shared.


Hmmm…. Jaxn ended his video with this, “You ain’t got to read between the lines to figure a dude out.What you read on the lines will tell you plenty as long as infatuation don’t make you illiterate.” I think these are definitely some things to consider, if you are on the dating scene. Too many games are being played, take a few cheat notes from a man, but as always, I would love to know what you  all think. Hit me up below. 



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