From the Desk of a Diva: 5 Ways to Support a Fellow Entrepreneur For FREE


As we have been discussing support during our Let’s Be Real Periscope videos, I began to realize many times others do not support, because they do not know how. When most think of support, they think the only way to do so is financially, and often times as small business owners just starting out we are unable to do so. However, there are other ways businesses can support other businesses for free. I thought of five suggestions below. Upon reading, if you can think of more please share. I would love to include them.


  1. Share a post. It costs you absolutely NOTHING to share a post on social networks. NOTHING… but the five seconds you will waste to read a messy, negative status. Just click “Share” or repost.
  2. Business referrals. Word of mouth never gets old. If someone provided you with a great product or service, why not let others know? Would you not want the same? Send some business someone’s way.
  3. Provide a testimony. To take it a step further, how about leaving them a comment or a product review on their site or one of their accounts. Nothing says confirmation like a real testimony from an actual user. If you, as a fellow business owner, have received one, you also know what a good feeling it is to read them. It’s like confirmation of your purpose when the client or customer is pleased.
  4. Connect people. I personally love connecting people. In my mind, I am forming a tribe of badassses. Whenever someone tells me what they do, my mind instantly searches for anyone I know of doing something similar or has a brand that would align with theirs, and I like to inform them of the person in case they can maybe connect and collaborate or simply learn from each other.
  5. Share a bit of knowledge. There is always something more to learn as an entrepreneur because we wear so many hats. Right now I am learning graphics. As an independent publisher, graphics are vital to my business, but I kept shying away from learning. Shout to Sharmetra Pittman for her informative posts that inspired me to get moving. The tips she shares on IG at @metraptittman put me on game to many resources that I could use as a beginner.

Lack of support is one of the biggest obstacles entrepreneurs face. Unless you were gifted your business or worked your way to the top of a company, you know all too well what it feels like to really have to “get it out the mud” as they say. No one knows that better than another entrepreneur, and yet we often see other struggle and look the other way. Let’s be real, there are other ways to show support besides going in your pocket. When done with authenticity and no intention, it can be the start of good networking and collaboration.


-Fancy (connect with me on Twitter or click on my image to connect on IG)
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Fancy is the Founder/Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of SwagHer Magazine. She attended Southern University A&M College as a mass comm major with a focus in PR. As a mother of 3, she resides in Baton Rouge, LA. She loves business, branding, Black people/culture/men, simple beauty.