I have a personal PIN, not just for my phone or bank cards, but for the bank of VALENCIA, you have to possess the right PIN.  POSITIVE, INFLUENTIAL, and NURTURING!  If you don’t have the right PIN, you are not allowed personal access to me.  I have things to protect, my emotional well-being for one.

We get caught up with being so politically correct and wanting to be liked that we allow the wrong people with the wrong intentions access to our personal BANK account.  The funny thing is we allow it and wonder why we feel empty.  You are empty, the BANK of you is empty because you allowed a withdrawal to someone or thing that didn’t have the right PIN.

Think about it like this, if someone tries to use the wrong PIN too many times to get into your phone, what happens?  All the information is deleted.  It will go on lockdown mode.  But yet and still we allow people with the wrong PIN to get in.  Believe me they will try to take everything you got.  Everything you tried to have on lockdown and reserved for the people with the right PIN will be gone, you will have nothing left.

Before you allow access to the BANK of you, ask yourself is it POSITIVE, INFLUENTIAL, and NURTURING?  If not, ACCESS DENIED!

I know identity FRAUD happens and we give our PIN over to the wrong person.  However, when you discover the BANK has been abused, deny access.  DENY IT!

Part of any functioning bank, is the reciprocal relationship.  The currency is flowing both ways and the relationship is fruitful. If not, remember NINJAS bank too, use your sword and cut it off!

I have been saying 2016 is the pruning year, the year of the cut off, and now the year of the PIN test.  So what’s your PIN?

Peace & Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

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