6 Reasons Why Millennials Aren’t Being Promoted



According to a post on Forbes.com  this morning, there are certain reasons why millennials are not being promoted to better positions at their jobs. I personally know all too well, what it is like to wonder why I was repeatedly being passed over for a promotion. Check out what millennial specialists and other experts had to say below.

1. You overwork.

Companies believe that is better to not promote the over dedicated workers because they are more beneficial producing twice the work for the same pay.

2. You’re incurious.

Employers want a problem solver who can not only find the solution but oftentimes find and the address the issue.Asking questions shows you have further interest outside of your assigned role. However, employers do not like “know it alls” who never can listen to others or overshare their input.

3. You are agreeable.

It is never good to be a “yes” man. A true leader does not mind speaking up when they disagree and these are the people most companies are looking to promote.

4. You are untrained.

Although we are perceived to be a smarter generation, many employers say millennials are not as skilled as they claim. Written and oral communication skills are two of employers’ most desired skills but they are also the two skills most millennials show least interest in continuing training within.

5. You’re clingy.

This applies to those who feel the need to check in with superiors too often. According to the article, “ it’s a sign of neuroticism, which is associated with compromised career success, emotional instability and lack of leadership potential. More immediately, incessantly checking in reflects insecurity and lack of self-sufficiency.”

6. You are alone.

Interacting with others is required to advance in one’s career, because it is how we learn. Mentorship is suggested and is believed to be more effective when formed organic.

For some these may seem a little trivial. but I have witnessed certain instances which lead me to agree.  What do you all think?



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