RELATIONSHIPS 101: Ninja Moves and Assembling Your Own Super PAC

relationships 101

Most of us grew up watching Bruce Lee kick butt late night on Kung Fu Theater.  Or maybe, that was just me.  However, you can learn a lot from martial arts.  In martial arts, not only is offense taught but defense is encouraged.  What that means is that if you learn how to block attacks, your body will suffer less damage.  In blocking attacks, your enemy will exert more energy and eventually give up.  You, on the other hand will conserve your energy, discourage your enemy, and gain wisdom.

If karate is not your thing, look at football!  The offense is trying to offend you and score, the defense is keeping them from scoring.  That is life!

People will come at you with all kinds of ninja weaponry to bring you down.  Truly, your defense will control you being offended.  Here are some moves to strengthen your defense and make the offense obsolete.

  1. Assemble Your Own Super PAC (Positive Affirmation Champions)-These people have to be handpicked and cultivated to meet your needs.  You guys feed into each other and are there for each other as a sounding board.  Real Super PACs encourage your growth and challenge you to be a better you!
  2. Strengthen Your Defense-Tell yourself everyday how great you are!  If you have built up resentment, deal with it-don’t ignore it!  Too often we have built up things that when the offense comes we “unleash the dragon”.  When that happens, they have won!
  3. Cut Off the Offense At the HEAD-A lot of times, we ignore that itch in the back of our throat that tells us this is not the person for me to be around.  When you feel that or you find yourself side eyeing to most of the things they say, move on!
  4. Laugh It Off-Have you ever been mad and someone laughs at you?  It makes you more mad, right?  When someone comes at you with negative stuff laugh it off, you are better than that!
  5. Forgive it, but Don’t Fuhget About It-If someone has offended you, forgive them (it will only hurt you) and people are human.  However, forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to forget it and continue to allow it!  Notice YOU have to allow it for it to continue!

Practice your ninja moves!  From my own experience, when I can’t do number 4, this one phrase shuts it down! “Don’t come for me because I am not there!”  And guess what, I’m not, my ninja game is on a higher level!

Peace & Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace, Lifestyle Designer/BOLDness Coach

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