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Daizchane Baker is a senior, honors college student studying public relations. Combining her creative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, she launched The Pink Gloss Agency, a branding and public relations agency to help business owners with their brands. Daizchane is marketing coordinator and marketing communications manager at  her university and CEO of The Pink Gloss Brands, LLC.  

How would you describe your swagher? What makes Daizchane, Daizchane?

What makes me Daizchane is my ambition and drive. I am always working on something whether it’s for my business, student organizations, or a campus job. I strive for success always, but it’s also my personality. I am always laughing and happy. Laughing keeps me from stressing myself out too much. I learned to appreciate life and celebrate my accomplishments thus far, which causes me to be happy and enjoy life. Behind my serious demeanor, I am really a jokester who likes to make others laugh.

What sparked your interest in public relations and what do you enjoy most about it so far?

I was the college student who changed their major every other month trying to find one that fit me. When I took a public relations class I was instantly hooked. Over time I realized that everything I liked do was a part of public relations. Being in public relations I get to do a lot of what I love  such as writing, being creative, connecting brands with their consumers, planning and executing. I would say I enjoy the creative and branding side the most of public relations. I love helping small business create their brand identities through their logos, marketing materials, and website.

What are the benefits of working with The Pink Gloss Brands, LLC?

The biggest benefits of working with The Pink Gloss Brands, LLC is you will always get a personalized approach and service. The prices are also affordable and the work is wonderful. I work with my clients until they are extremely happy with the final results of their services. I want my clients to love the work they receive. Also, the turn around time is very quick.



What are your plans after graduation?

After I graduate in December 2016, I plan on continuing on to grad school for an MBA with a specialization in Marketing. I also plan on continuing to grow my business. My goal is to get my PhD, but I will probably take a break from school after I get my master’s for a few years.

Are there any projects you are currently working on that you would care to share with us?

I am currently working on Bronzed Beauty, which is an online lifestyle magazine for bronzed girls. The magazine will cover topics such as beauty, fashion, hair care tips, college life, career advice and a lot more. I also plan to feature amazing bronzed girls who are changing the world and making an impact, as well as brands whose target market is bronzed girls. The website is currently being created ( and is expected to launch sometime in August 2016. I am working on this project with a fellow classmate, Imani, and I am really excited about it as I have wanted to do an online magazine for a while.

Have you done many internships and if so, with whom?

Last summer 2015, I completed a communications internship with Wayne Main Street, a nonprofit that helps to revitalize downtown Wayne. My main tasks were social media and blogging. While I haven’t done many internships, I have held two campus positions related to my studies. I am a communication and marketing manager for Center for Multicultural Affairs, which is a campus cultural diversity center, and a marketing and social media assistant for dining services on campus.

 What is one obstacle you overcame and how did you do so?

My fear of failure was a big obstacle that stopped me from going after things I wanted or taking the first step to doing something new. I can’t stand to fail. It took me a while to accept the failure can be a part of the process, but not the end of the process. Over time, I learned how to push myself to just go for what I want regardless if it happened the way I wanted. I started to just go for things without allowing myself to second guess it. When I wanted to start my business, with the thought in my head, I immediately went and submitted an application for my LLC. I didn’t care if my business failed, because just knowing I tried was enough. I don’t want to live with what if’s?

What words of inspiration would you care to share with our followers?

My words of inspiration is to dream big with a stellar action plan. Always have a plan or two for accomplishing your goals. Sometimes your vision may be too big for others to understand and that’s okay. Not everyone in your life is meant to be at the finish line with you.

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