Quick Read! 5 Things to Tell Yourself Everyday



Always pondering ways to continue growing and bettering myself, I realized I have grown more laxed with my thoughts, allowing myself to wander down dangerous lanes that could lead to negative and unhappy thinking. So while looking for an inspirational read, I found a list of things we should tell ourselves everyday and reflected on what they meant to me. See below.

Today is a new day.

You have a fresh start, another opportunity to do something purposeful in life.

Today is a miracle.

Practice an attitude of gratitude. Appreciate each morning, every breath, none of them should be taken for granted, because they are not guaranteed.

Life goes on.

Don’t be held back by past events. So many people miss out on life being held captive in their past.Things happen-life happens, deal with them and keep it moving. I admit this once was a really big problem for me. It’s usually how my depression would start, but then someone told me, “The world doesn’t stop because you are depressed.” As crazy as it sounds, that had never occurred to me before, but I think it was because I usually had someone there to assist me with me coming back into the world. That time I did not. Lesson learned.

I don’t owe anyone anything.

And you don’t. I used to feel so obligated to others, always neglecting myself and worried about their opinions, until I realized how tiresome and unhappy that made me. I don’t owe anything to anyone (other than my children). I know some individuals would not have added that part because of their beliefs, but I felt the need to. You don’t bring people into this world and not be responsible for them, but I’m not sure if that would be the same as “owing” but just to be on the safe side.

I am the best version of me.

I used to be one of those stuck in the future people, always thinking that once I got to blah, blah or became blah, blah…. I had to learn to love myself as I am so that I could continue to improve and enlighten myself. Nevertheless, this present version of me is perfect for where I am now.

Bonus 6. “Put some respeck on my name!” Sorry had to! Laugh a little this week!

What are some things you tell yourself daily to control your thoughts and improve your day? Tweet me at @FancySwagHer. I would love to know!


Peace and blessings,


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