Quick Read: 6 Tips for Spending Less While Entertaining Over the Weekend



As much as I love my work, I do believe weekends are for enjoying people and activities outside of work. However, as a responsible adult, we all know weekends can often override our budgeting. Here are six tips for spending less over the weekend while still being allowed a good time.

1.Look for specials ahead of time.

Look for free events and food, drinks, and parking specials throughout the week so you can already have a general idea by the time the weekend comes around. Little things can like these can add up; why not save when you can?

2.Withdraw an allotted amount of money.

As opposed to steadily swiping your card to make purchases and allowing them to accumulate as you calculate in your head, withdraw a certain amount of entertainment funds and make that your budget for the night. Then spend accordingly.

3. Split meals.

Couldn’t find any specials? It’s cool. You can always split a meal with your friends and continue to save.

4. Drink beer.

There is usually a beer promo somewhere, especially on tap. If not, beer is still usually cheaper.

5. Utilize subscriptions.

Use those subscriptions you are paying for but not necessarily using like Netflix, spas, and gyms.

6.Make it more about being social.

Lean more towards social activities that are more about the experience and people than a paid activity. I love house parties. They are more intimate


Do you have any other tips. I’d love to add to this list. I’m always looking for affordable ways to be entertained. 


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