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Shereé Parker is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a Best-Selling Author, Certified Life and Business Coach, Philanthropist, Speaker and the Founder of Queenpreneur Spirit Brand Apparel and Shereé Parker Coaching and Consulting, LLC where life and spiritual coaching is provided to women of all ages.

What makes Shereé, Shereé?
My strength, uniqueness and my belief that I can create change is what contributes to the person that I have become. I am a Queen that takes actions when it comes to achieving my goals and walking in my purpose. I don’t allow the opinions of others to stop me from doing what I’m called to do, because my passion drives me to live my dreams out loud.

How do you feel that you best assist women with achieving their goals?

I help women to achieve their goals through coaching them to identify their strengths and to recognize the power they have that will lead to them reaching their highest potential. As a life coach, I am very passionate about women empowerment especially when it comes to assisting young women on their journey to self discovery and understanding their gifts. Helping women to identify a plan of action that they feel they can successfully carry out is a tool that I often utilize to assist women to get to the next level.

Tell us a little about Queenpreneur brand.
My Queenpreneur Brand was birthed based on my view that women are Queens and should be viewed and treated as such especially, when it comes to the world of business. There has been an increase in women starting their own businesses and building empires in a field where it was once viewed as “a man’s world”. Historically, it was common to find only men heading major companies and owning multiple business, but that has since changed and that’s how I came up with the name Queenpreneur. The Queenpreneur Brand represents women in business from all ethnic groups, ages, and different business areas. I started the Queenpreneur Spirit t-shirt line to encourage women to wear their crown proudly wherever they go, and they can wear it comfortably with a pair of jeans and heels or dress it up with a blazer.
Please share more about your books.
My love for writing extends back to when I was a teenager, and I always believed that someday I would become an author. My first book, Thirty Days of Spiritual Inspiration and Journaling: Living, Loving and Learning about One’s Life Journey was published in October 2014. This book is a 30­ day devotional with a journal component that has questions that the readers can answer. The vision for this book came about as a result of my daily Facebook posts. My good friend and hairstylist, Deela Williams, encouraged me to move forward with writing a book because of the requests that I was getting on social media. I also coauthored the book 20 Beautiful Women, Volume 2 which was published in April 2015. In this book, I got the opportunity to share my story with the world about being destined for greatness.

How do you balance wearing so many hats along with your personal life?
I give all praise to God for my strength and perseverance. I put God first in everything that I do and that’s what keeps me balanced. I have good time management skills, which I utilize, a to ­do­ list, daily planner, and I give myself an opportunity to rest which is hard to do sometimes, but it’s mandatory for my own mental wellness. Sometimes I have to step away to regroup before moving forward with the next project. Self­ care is essential to my success as a business woman. I definitely factor in time for my family, friends, and spending time with my Yorkshire Terrier who brings me a lot of joy.

Do you have tips for tracking your goals?
Yes, I track my goals by writing them down and checking them off as they are completed. During my process, I write down the goals and the steps that I need to take to achieve them as well as any resources to help me to get there. I also take the time to self reflect on my progress to determine whether or not I’m on track. Sometimes you have to take a step back to assess where you are so that you know how to move forward.

Do you have any upcoming events or projects that you would care to share with our followers?
Yes, my online business program for women called Be A Queenpreneur launched last month. I will be hosting a Cocktails and Conversation event for women in Philadelphia, PA on May 7 . I’m presently working on a lip gloss and clothing line that will launch in summer 2016. Stay tuned to my website and social media sites for more information.


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