#FancysThoughts: Thanks But I’m Good


I know I tend to come across as a mild mannered person, and I like to think I am, but I also know I am very opinionated and headstrong YET- I understand when my opinion is needed or valued and when it is not needed or not valued.I understand that once I state my said opinion, the recipient can either be open to it, they can be can be closed minded, or maybe they simply want me to elaborate more so they can then make a better informed decision based off what already knew and now know or whatever.

The point….

The point is I understand when to let things go. I understand that this is MY OPINION, “ain’t nobody ask me”. I volunteered my thoughts, but the recipient is under no obligation to follow them through. Listen, yes- they could be obligated to listen if they did in fact ask for it and that’s how everything came about, BUT only then. Don’t ask for what you don’t want and then get mad when you receive.

But people have lives….

However do understand that people live their lives as they choose as long as they are not involved in illegal activities or doing harm to anyone. Why? Because it is much more important than the drink suggestion you give when out eating with a girlfriend. This is something someone has to live through or with daily. You can live that for them. It’s simply not possible.

All you can do…

All you can do IS give your opinion. Depending on how the other person responds should tell you which direction to go in afterwards but the problem nowadays is people feel so entitled to giving opinions no one asked for, that they are then mad when someone like myself is kind enough to listen (though I didn’t ask for it) and once I have listened, I am going to ask you to elaborate or ask questions to make certain I understand, BUT after that, that’s it. I will  thank you for your input and share a little about what I thought of what you said, but that’s not even owed to you. The Libra in me is more than likely going to be more weighted on one side than the other,  by the time we finish talking, but your work is done my friend. Carry on.

NO, just stay in your lane….

Yet people don’t seem to get that anymore. Instead, they go on and on, not realizing that this is a part of staying in your own lane. Yes, see I am the type that will still pull over and try to understand why you came into my lane, because-I mean- who knows…maybe you have some stake in this as well, so your opinion could lead to something more.


Most people might curb you as soon as you think about crossing the line,because they don’t care if they hurt your feelings or not. They see your opinion as something that will slow them down and they could be motion right then in that moment. I don’t say I would like to be like these people, because I like to be well informed and think outside the box, but that also means you have to be coming to me with facts. I prefer personal testimonies. I don’t want to know about what someone else did, what did you do? Why? You can’t come to me talking about solving a Calculus problem when your skill level is at pre-algebra. You can’t tell me how to keep a man and your ring finger is empty. You can’t tell me how to grow a business, when yours is still on paper.

Stay in your own lane…

The internet has people feeling so entitled now days. No- you’re not. You do you and I will do me. That is really what stay in your lane means. Speak and do what you know about, what you are good at. Everyone has their own path. Follow yours. 

-From Fancy w/Love

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