#FancysThoughts: I Still Believe in Fairy Tales


Life and living are so contradicting or should I say people, but who knows. Not long ago I published a post about my breakup, last night I shared a picture of our makeup on Instagram, and while I know I owe an explanation to know one (you have to be a celeb to do that, just kidding), I wanted to share my thoughts, because I think we live in a society where we give up too fast. We’re selfish. All the time I see people so consumed in themselves, they have no time to consider what someone else may be going through. If they know of what others are going through, then they are too busy to care. Then last but not least, we form our form opinions. We’re just people I do understand that.


With that all being said, I always realize we as people are seriously flawed and make mistakes. I knew long ago what type of person I was dealing with. I knew to love a person over the age of thirty who clearly said they had never considered themselves to have been a relationship could be a little tough, yet being new to my higher wisdom, I was unable to predict the bumps in the road. To be honest, I probably did not want to see either, because I was more taken by what all I could see, someone who desired the same lifestyle and was as ambitious as me, who possessed the same drive as me, but who also possessed the strengths that I lacked, who could see bigger and further than I could see. I was more consumed with the fact, that for once, I met a man who considered me a both a risk and a challenge worth taking.


Ironically enough, we even shared our flaws with each other early in the relationship, like “Well I already know… “. His problem was he didn’t know how to trust while I was too trusting of people too soon. Sometimes, it would seem like we were speaking two different languages, because as one who trusts people easily, it’s easy to have expectations of them. He on the other hand had no expectation nor did he live by any, so we would often clash, but I knew what I wanted from the relationship, so I was more prone to patience and trying to communicate. His style was more along the lines of not communicating, and finally we grew tired of the clashing, or at least I did.   


I grew tired and threw my hands up, even after admitting I knew relationships can require patience and hard work. However, not once did I question my worth, who I was, or what I wanted. You don’t have to tell me I am a catch. I know how much I’ve invested into myself to get to point where I am not just physically or career wise, but mentally and emotionally. I knew my value, and I understood that in spite of our likeness, back then, he did not, and so instead of thinking of it as a breakup, I should like at it as some time apart, because I never stopped believing who he was to me, but I knew he had to see the same within himself, and he had his own issues to deal with.


Now in the words of Tory Lanez, “We’re back and we’re better”, because at the end of the day, no relationship is without any problem. The difference is the maturity of the individuals to communicate through them. I don’t believe in telling someone to live in their truth and then putting stipulations on it, which is something I see often.  And If you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to go against the opinions of others. I have no problem with that, because I still believe in fairy tales, so people can get used to my mission of making more fairy tale sh** happen in my life. There will be more photos to come.



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Fancy is the Founder/Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of SwagHer Magazine. She attended Southern University A&M College as a mass comm major with a focus in PR. As a mother of 3, she resides in Baton Rouge, LA. She loves business, branding, Black people/culture/men, simple beauty.