TBT: The Millionaire Mindset of Dr. Tiana Von Johnson


This is a snippet of our interview with the Queen of Wall Street, Dr. Tiana Von Johnson, who was featured in our Women in Business issue in 2015. 


How does one make over 1 million dollars in their first year of business? Were you already in the real estate field?

I was not. I was a nine to five worker bee, trying to figure my way out through life and decided that I to do something different.  I decided to take a step out on faith and try my hand at entrepreneurship, so it wasn’t necessarily real estate that I was going to go do. I just wasn’t going to do the nine to five lifestyle.

Well did you start out with another business or what did you decide to pursue immediately after?

Immediately after, I decided I was going to be a bartender (laughs). That happened for one day, and I was like “Ok, this-this Is not it”, so the real estate was actually- that just happened. It was something that I stumbled on- an ad, while I was trying to figure out what I was going to do, and I became a real estate agent right away, and it morphed into who I am today. I had no plans. It just happened.

So what type of mindset must one have to be successful on Wall Street?

Oh man…Laughs. Well Wall Street is definitely the big leagues. If you are going to brand yourself as the Queen of Wall Street, if you are going to bring yourself as someone that’s down there, you have to be ready mind, body, and spirit. It definitely takes that warrior mentality. It takes that “by any means necessary” mentality, like I am going to do this. You have to be self- motivated and you really have to be all into it. Had I not been, I would have quit after my first month there. It’s a dog eat dog world, you know, wherever you go in business, but especially when you are dealing  with the big leagues, and/ or especially when dealing with the White males that dominate  Wall Street. Here I am going in, 27, African- American woman from the Bronx trying to claim my spot. It was not easy.


Full interview in printed issue.


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