5th & Westwood Designers Showcase & Panel Event Recap

Photo by Gabrielle Cornish. Jewelry provided by Stephanie Bijoux

5th & Westwood hosted their Designers Showcase & Panel last weekend at Kissworks Studios. Jelisa Cook of Broadcasting Beauty moderated the panel which consisted of Dallas The Stylist; WE TV’s Lakenya Morris; owner of Kontrol Magazine and Revel By J, Julian Lark; beauty and fashion blogger, Fenella Miller; Kim Chambers of Everything Mahogany; and Ana Dover of Ana Dover Styles.

The purpose of the event was to launch 5th & Westwood  to the Atlanta market and bring together designers, stylists, fashionistas, and inspiring entrepreneurs. PR Mentality was tapped with coordinating the event, and jewelry was provided by Stephanie Bijoux. 

View photos below.

Read some of the key points we found interesting below.

Julian Lark with his take on fashion:

We have fun together. I like to have fun with fashion. I remember growing up-now I’m telling my age a little bit, but I was born in the 80’s. I remember 80’s fashion, and the 90’s, but now things have changed so much, so you know it’s just fun to think back on the bubble coats. I had my shiny silver, Tommy Hilfiger bubble coat and my Tommy Hilfiger jumpsuit. It’s just funny how things come back around. So I like to have fun and take risks. I’m very big on doing you. I might be able to put on a tuxedo because of how I’m feeling that day, and the next day I might put on some Jordan shorts and a wife beater, because that’s how I feel. I feel like you dress how you want to appear to other people, how you want other people to look at you, and you just do you. You know-purple hair, pink hair- have fun with it, and you know-get your life.

Kim Chambers on how she started her boutique:

It really hit me though because I was always supporting friends who had their own clothing businesses, and it came to me one day. I said to myself “Why are you doing this? Why are you spending so much money?” Well, there is no problem with supporting people, but I can do it myself, and it’s something I enjoy doing. That was maybe two and half years ago and I just had an “ah ha” moment. I was on my way to see Erykah Badu, and it literally hit me. “You need to start this”, and the name just hit me. Boutique owner

Dallas The Stylist on how he  came to Atlanta and broke into the fashion industry .

I grew up in Kentucky, so we didn’t have any fashion anything. I grew up with my grandmother and she was assigned to trust records. She was this crazy, older type lady who always wore church clothes, so I found myself in elementary schools wearing suits and suede shoes, and I wouldn’t play at recess, because I didn’t want to get dirty. I just knew I loved fashion since I was like a little bitty boy. I had to find a way- I was in Kentucky, and I thought I was going to be in Kentucky forever but I knew something had to change. I came to Atlanta on my own with $75 in my pocket, stayed on a friend’s couch, got a job, and was working in retail. I  was making money; I was making really good money in retail, but it’s still just a percentage. Why make a percent when I could make the whole? So I stepped out on faith again, I started styling own my own and started my clothing line and things went well.

Photography by Gabrielle Cornish.

Recap by Fancy.

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