What “awoke” really means!


So I have been on a ROCKY kick, since ROCKY has been in existence. While I am writing this today, I am in fact listening to my ROCKY soundtrack.

TIP: Control your mindset with the appropriate soundtrack!

I am not oblivious to the plight of America and especially not black America.  Since, I am a LIFESTYLE DESIGNER, I specialize in dealing with people’s mindsets, goals, and accomplishments.

With that being said, I have a problem when people’s mission and visions don’t equal up.  Meaning, if you want true change in the way black people are being viewed and mishandled, stop supporting things that are negatively portraying us.  To me that is almost a drop the mic moment, but not yet.  I can’t say I want black people to be looked at as the kings and queens we are; then watch the HOUSEWIVES or any of that other garbage.  We ask what is wrong with the us today, but insist on being entertained by them no matter how degrading.

As a black woman, I find that show among many others offensive to my queendom.  We like, share, and support non talented notoriety.  It makes us feel good to see one of these women/men succeed in business or life not looking at the tomfoolery they had to do to get there.  I don’t apologize for not celebrating women who gain a lifestyle simply because they are someone’s baby mama.  Really-role models? If to make my million, I have to sell my soul, embarrass my family, and act like an animal..no thanks! I will take 2 million with morals and showing my nieces how to be queens.

It is okay if they fight because someone deserved to be hit, right?  Wrong, all that does is continue to perpetuate the myth of the “angry black woman”.  It is okay if they are half-dressed with more clothes off than on, they aren’t hurting anyone, right? Wrong, it is perpetuating the “exploitation and sexualizing” of black women.  Ah, but we can’t get respect though!

I’m confused as we continue to help the ratings go up enough to where spin-off tomfoolery is a date we mark in our calendars, we continue to downgrade and be disgusted when videos are posted of “ordinary” people doing the same things.  We started it though!  While in another life, I found a guilty pleasure in watching these trainwrecks and excused it as entertainment.

When I started to wake up…I realized the bigger picture.  We are not being programmed by “the man”, we are eating it up, serving it to our friends and willingly programming ourselves!

So as we laud and send praise their way, add catch phrases to our vocabulary that makes others feel low, ask yourself are you being programmed unwillingly?  Ask yourself, am I really awake?  Am I sharing and sowing what I want to see?  Is my message creating a moment of anger instead of a movement of change?

TIP: Degrading pictures in your mind, will effect how you view EVERYTHING else!

Peace, Love, and Awareness

Valencia Griffin-Wallace


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