From the Desk of a Diva: 5 Qualities of a Womanpreneur



In my interview with When Chics Chat, a women’s empowerment radio show on Streets 93.3 hosted by Honey Allure, I shared some qualities I think a womanpreneur must possess. In case you missed the interview, I am sharing them here again today. Check out the following five qualities and tell me what you think: passion, creativity, professionalism, consistency, and remaining teachable.



While one can start a business without passion, passion is needed to continued to fuel you or them, the business owner. Going into business for one’s self, can have more downs than ups when first starting out, but that passion confirms your purpose. It’s what keeps you motivated and going.



Creativity is a must for a womanpreneur, because it is needed to bring about whatever your business or brand is. As an entrepreneur, you must constantly find ways to recreate the wheel. As well as with being an entrepreneur, we often have to find affordable ways to go about projects or improve products or services. Tapping into your creativity is perfect for these times.



Although we see more and more women starting and running their own businesses, I often notice the lack of professionalism. Professionalism has changed over the years as society becomes more accepting of almost everything. I recall when as a business owner, one would avoid cursing publicly, and especially on social media, but that has changed. As an artist, however, I do understand the art of expression, but don’t overdo it. I see people going back and forth and saying wayyyy more than what should be said if you want someone to take you seriously and support you. I often look at how one comes across via email messages and so on as well.



Consistency is key. After six years in the game, most of my referrals are friends of friends who have watched me consistently talk about my business day in and out. Some may have never checked out the magazine but they know I have one and they know I am about my business.


Remain Teachable

Some think, “I own my own business. I am a boss. I don’t need anyone to tell me anything.” That could not be further from the truth. As a womanpreneur, one should still be open to learning and constantly striving for growth. This helps to keep you current and innovative. You can’t stay ahead of the game with only the knowledge you currently possess.
Being a womanpreneur is an awesome feeling. There’s nothing like the pride and joy of being your own boss and doing what you love. Are there any other qualities you think a womanpreneur should possess? I would love to hear them. Leave me a comment on this post and receive a free copy of our Pink & Purple Survivors issue.



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