Wednesday Wonder Woman: Jessica Pringle



Describe your Swagher? In other words, what makes you, you?

I believe what makes me the individual that I am is the fact that I can understand and relate to anyone. I understand people’s struggle because I’ve been through just about anything that comes to mind. I understand that it takes work to get to where you want to go. I am the type of person that never gives up. I continuously fight for what I want because my family depends on me a lot.

What makes your brand unique?

Beautiful Boss by Jessica P. focuses on the inner beauty of women. Yes, I have shoes, but for me, I feel like we as women need to embrace the beauty that we already have. Jessica P’s only enhances the beauty that we as women already have. They give us that extra push to walk and strut and to show off our beauty but naturally.

You mentioned that your favorite quote is “In order to be successful, you have to first want success”. Could you elaborate on what this quote means to you?
My quote stems from my understanding that hard work, dedication, focus and being consistent in everything, is what will make you successful. You can’t just automatically expect success if you don’t want it bad enough. Do whatever it takes to get the type of success you desire, even if it takes being broke, going back to living with your family. Or driving 11 hours to New York just to see a fashion show (like I did this past weekend). Push hard and don’t limit yourself.

How do you plan to expand your brand?

Yes, I want my brand to be everything. I want men’s shoes, both women and men clothes, shades, lip gloss, shades, socks, ect. Anything that comes to your mind is what I want for my brand.

Do you have any words of inspiration for our readers?
I would tell them to never give up on anything that they want in life. Being successful can only be accomplished by those people that push the hardest and understand that being a follower won’t get you anywhere. Be your own person and strive for better. I believe anyone can be anything if they work hard and want for more. The sky is the limit; all you have to do is reach for it.

Tell us about any upcoming events/ projects you may have.
As of right now I am working on getting my flats and boots for women. I also am working on doing a small rerelease fashion preview of my shoes that are on the website on April 23rd. I am trying to have my flats by then as well.

Please list any and all social media accounts.
Facebook: Beautifulbossby JessicaP
Instagram: Beautiful_Boss_By_JessicaP


-Q&A by: Jasmine Williams

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