From the Desk Of a Diva: 3 Tips For Concentration



In today’s “smart” world, fully concentrating  can be a little challenging. There’s so much going on, so fast, that many of us find it hard to give any one thing our sole attention.  Check out these three tips for improving your concentration.


Develop One-Pointedness

When distracted by many things, concentration can be hard. That’s why we need to practice doing only thing at a time. I know we live in the days of multitasking, where we mistakenly think that we are accomplishing more at once, but that is not so. When working on a task, only think about the task at hand.



Meditation is well known for calming and inner peace, but it also helps to improve concentration. Meditation helps to train our thoughts which is significant for concentration. Try quieting your brain and focusing on one issue at a time.



Yes, rest is needed for concentration. In order to perform at your best, one must be in shape physically as well. Proper rest makes one more alert and able to focus.


Often time the difference between the winner and a loser is the effort shown in their work. Don’t desire to simply to be good, strive to be the best, and that requires full concentration.

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