My Rock Bottom Will Get Him To the Top



“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”- Winston Churchill

Mompreneurs are the most sacrificial creatures on earth, especially single moms who I represent. Sacrificing time with our family, friends, but most importantly our child(ren). Entrepreneurship sits in a class of its own from extensive long hours of brand building, marketing, networking and mental warfare. At times feeling “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING“, “WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO‘,” I HAVE NO SUPPORT SYSTEM“,I’M BROKE‘, all for a lack of better words which are all reasons success is the only option!
As a Momprenuer its’ not easy explaining to your child(ren) why you’re so busy and not having the special bonding time that only you guys share. Dragging your child(ren) to events and meetings against their will. Picking them up from school while serving dinner and completing homework in the car while driving all over town to handle business. Now you’re low on gas because you just invested your last into your business. Which are all reasons why success is the only option!
Ok so now you have failed a few times, but you get back up realizing how vital your success is to your child(ren) livelihood, and you think you hit rock bottom, My Rock Bottom Will get Him To The Top. In reference to him, I mean my son. I have failed 50 times over, but knowing what I’m destined for will not allow me to quit as I am the example in my sons life. My son sees at an early age what it takes to be an entrepreneur from the ground up,  and I will instill in him EVERYTHING I know about being a SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR. Which are all reasons success is the only option.
I had a complete downgrade at one point where I had no car, I moved back with my mom, I missed out on trips with friends, and at times had enough money to only feed my son because I believe in me that much and the power of being a Mompreneur. I’m not designed to work a 9-5, although I did from the age of 16 until I was 30 (with a very impressive background may I add). That’s 14 years of working for someone else. Let’s say the average person makes 30,000 annually now 30,000 for 14 years is is 420,000 and still not a Millionaire right! Knowing in my mind as a Mompreneur I have the potential to make 30,000 per moth and in 14 years generate 5,040,000 in revenue and be a Millionaire. Which are all reasons success is the only option.
Now at the tender age of 34, I have a 5 year Momprenuership goal to become a Millionaire. I say to you my fellow Momprenuers DON’T GIVE UP! The only way I want to see the world through my eyes, is on my G5.

About Q.

q. johnsonQuendole “Q” Johnson P.K.A Purple Girl Host of The Purple Girl Show & CEO of Purple Gyrl Media & Entertainment LLC. The birth of “The Purple Girl Show” started November 2012 in her bedroom with a cell phone and computer. Which grew to 30,000 listeners in its 1st year. To date with over 50,000 listeners the Brand has grown into a full Media and Entertainment company. Interviewing the hottest celebrities, entertainers, business owners and professionals.Growing up on the south side of Chicago’s notorious Englewood neighbor she was faced with the everyday struggles of what’s known to most people as the projects life. Now as a Certified Life Coach she’s ready to take the life of others to the next level. Helping people who feel stuck or not knowing where to start in their professional life “Q” believes in living the life God has written for you and not the life that caters to the people of what your life should be to them.


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