From the Desk of a Diva: 2 Tips For Confidence

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Self confidence can open many doors for the ambitious individual. Unfortunately, most of struggle with it. While listening to a TED talk I heard these awesome tips and just had to share.

Repeatedly step out of your comfort zone and win. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but do you know how rewarding it feels when you do so, and achieve your secretly (or publicly desired result). That moment of victory is well worth it, and you will grow to long it more and more. With more achievements under your belt, your confidence will grow stronger.
It’s all about perspective. The way we view a situation can often determine our outlook on the outcome. It’s one of those glass half empty and glass half full scenarios. I gave this one a lot of thought, then to my surprise, I witnessed it the next day. My boyfriend and I were on Periscope the other day. As he finished up his video, he proudly turned to me and said, “Look at all my views.” Now I am more of an Instagram lover and with my biggest account we have over 12k followers, so my idea of a lot of views is at least 100. When I looked at his phone he had 29 views, but to him this was a lot. He was pleased with himself, beaming like he had overachieved his goal. SN: he’s a little new to social media, so… Nevertheless, his positive outlook in all situations, helps him stay assured and my King is one of the most confident men I know.
Confidence is simply a repeated habit. It must be practiced repeatedly to enforce and grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone and maintaining a positive perspective helps to instill more confidence. Do you know of any other tips for confidence? Tweet me or @ me on IG @fancyswagher.

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