Inspiring Through Her Passion: Paije Speights

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One third of XSO, designer, and most importantly kind-hearted Paije Speights is hella busy but spared some time to chat with me and offer some inspiration and words of wisdom! Although a workaholic (her words not mine ) she is also a lover of love and a believer in following your dreams.

Growing up she always knew that she wanted to perform and entertain. She would put on shows for her mom and family friends. At times somewhat private about opportunities and business ventures, when she opened up to her family and friends they supported her 100%. She advises anyone that is not supported by their loved ones to be driven and believe in themselves because with the strength of God, you’ll always be okay!

Her secret to persevering in a competitive industry is to be yourself. “Yes, people will always compare and try to discredit you but all you can do is be yourself and do what’s in your heart. Never settle. Never give up. Never be lazy”.

Paije recognizes that some youth are tarnishing their individuality in order to be accepted in the eye of society. One thing that she believes is distracting our youth from being authentic is the term ‘sex sells’. People think in order to get ahead they have to sell their soul and she’s just not going for that.

Paije passionately leaves us with these words:

In everything I do I want to inspire hope. I came from a city where most people don’t even leave out.

I wasn’t even supposed to make it past labor and if I did I was supposed to brain dead, blind, or mentally disable. I was raised in a single parent home while my father was on drugs and in jail most my life. That didn’t make me give up. I’ve always felt like I was “good enough.” I never felt like where we were was where I had to be. I want more for my siblings. I always knew what I could accomplish if i just stuck with it and worked hard. I never truly felt like I fit in. I always knew there was more to life. I just want to inspire people to go after their dreams whether your young or old.

The world is ours.


-B. Simone

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