RELATIONSHIPS 101: One Ring To Change Your Life

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Yes! Yes! and Yes again!

We have all been seeing the engagements hot and heavy since December all over social media. Some of them are “awww” so sweet while others are a “uh okay”.

Now either way that moment when that shiny piece of jewelry is presented, a woman (or man) may loose their mind.  Even though in the back of their throat is an all telling itch as they say yes, they still do.  Why, because a ring has power!

In short, a ring can change your life.  It can take you from single to “I’s married now” in a split second.  However, there is a difference between a ring given out of love, obligation, or just because.  Run your hands under some water, does that ring change color?  Is it still as valuable when there is nothing behind it?

I have been married before, yep I took a ring even though the back of my throat itched so bad that I thought it was strep.  I took it because I thought it was time.  Not that I saw myself growing old with this person, but it was time.  I was uncomfortably comfortable or comfortably uncomfortable! I don’t know whose time though, it surely wasn’t mine.

I have also turned down a ring.  That was a jaw dropping moment.  I knew it wasn’t right and I didn’t want to waste time being married to someone that I didn’t really like to be around most of the time.  So I said “no indeed”, I wasn’t trying to be mean, but I didn’t want any ring much less the wrong one!

These choices are yours to don’t have to say yes just because.  Stop dating people you know that you either won’t ever marry or will not grow old with.  Had someone told me this a long time ago, I would have saved those years until I got the one that meant something.  Instead, people congratulate you and pat you on your back for making such a big commitment when truly they should be saying..RUN FORREST RUN.

If your desire is to get the ring that means REWARDING IDEALISTIC NURTURING GENUINE versus the one that is REGRETFUL INADEQUATE NEGATIVE GUILT-ridden, you must wait and be willing to say no.

No to the time wasters and skirt/wallet/pants/etc chasers.  No to the relationships that will end up with one of you being treated like a bad employee.  No to the relationship that you are in just to not be alone.

Had I said yes to the wrong ring “again”, I would have never gotten the right one!

Peace & Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace


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