Wednesday Wonder Woman: Taforrest Parrot


How would you describe your swagher? What makes Taforrest, Taforrest?

I am very stylish, classy, and a tad bit edgy. I love meeting new people, but I am very shy.

Tell us a little about each of your brands.

Girlboss Grind is a movement that was created during the time I was trying to put my salon together. Although there were a lot of people rooting for me and my success, there were probably the same amount, if not more against me. I questioned at the time if I had the ability to help women or men trying to accomplish their dreams by just simply answering a few questions, offering a friend or business associate’s services, would I? I certainly would! Surely I’m not the only woman that would provide help or a listening ear to others trying to make it. My prayer is for GOD to bless me, so that I may be a blessing to others. I’ve since met so many different women that have shared similar stories. Girlboss Grind Movement was birthed to network, support, link up, and feature women on a weekly basis -just uplifting, giving them Kudos, and sometimes just giving them that extra push to keep going.

Tinysolez is a baby shoe line that was created just for the heck of it! Being a hairstylist, I have a very creative mind. I needed a unique baby shower gift for my niece. I made one pair, and others began ordering.


What obstacles have you had to overcome in business and how did you do so?

My greatest obstacles were to find the time to put in the extra work! Owning a salon, being a stylist, going to school, and juggling a home life became very demanding. I quickly learned my dreams, businesses, and entrepreneur mindset was just that- mine, no one else’s. Family, friends, and kids do not understand why you do what you do and why don’t you just put the cell, laptop, and iPad down, and go to sleep. It’s not easy. I overcame those obstacles by simply scheduling my day-to-day workflow and not hitting the “snooze” button. In my eyes, if I press “snooze”, it means I’m sleeping on my life and what could transpire that day. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Who are two people that inspire you and why?

The two people that inspire me are my mom and dad. My mom simply because I can remember even at a young age she instilled a great work ethic in me. She worked 2 -3 jobs even with my dad in the home and working, and she NEVER complained. She taught me that it’s great to have a significant other but always know how to survive on your own. Life happens. Before tenth grade, I knew how to make bank deposits, pay bills, ask for extensions, and balance a checkbook, as well as cook for my younger brothers etc.

My dad inspires me, because I’ve always watched him create businesses and do great at them. From being a tax preparer, coaching little league, to running his concession stand at the local community center. At a young age, he taught me how to invest a little bit of money, and make it work for you. It’s not how much you have its what you do with it.

Do you have any upcoming events or projects you would care to share with us?

I’m working on putting an event together spring 2016 to bring all those that are apart of the movement under one roof to talk, eat, laugh, cry and hopefully make a lifetime sisterhood. The event will include professional photographers, some entertainment, lots of hugs, and hopefully it will inspire a few people who want to quit or give up on something, to keep going!

What words of inspiration would you care to share with our readers?

Don’t ever be ashamed of your story or situation, it may be the one thing the person listening needs to hear to continue on their path or to offer a helping hand to support you.

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