4 Ways to Tap Into Your Creativity Through Your Style

tap into creativity

tap into creativity

I recently realized a big part of what I consider to be my stagnant state was my lack of creativity. My life was consumed by work and seemed mundane. I still work a 9-5 and finding time to be creative and show my artistic side can be difficult. Everything seemed drab. I even noticed that I put no effort or style into my dress, so that is where I started. Try these tips for tapping into your creativity through your style.

Style of Dress. I started here and began looking for my creative flair. Normally, I would only buy clothes to wear into a professional environment. On Mondays I would always wear slacks and by Thursday I was in jeans because most people’s off days are during the week, so it did not matter what I wore.  Nothing expressed my artistic side.

Accessories. I began to throw on a scarf or actually create an outfit. Because I wanted to be taken seriously as a businesswoman, I tried hard to not dress too sexy, but while playing around I discovered, I still look good for a 31 year old. I was sleeping on myself.

Hair. Due to lack of time, I had grown accustomed to going to get my hair done, and when I could not do so, I opted for my puff ball and called it a day. I was too busy to even pick up a few bobby pins and try. I had never done much with my hair anyway, but it was not about that. It was about just trying something new and being present in the act of creating. To my surprise, I actually did ok, and I felt proud of myself.

Makeup. Makeup is blah. I still struggle trying to understand how people perfect their look, but it does wonder to throw on eyeliner and lip gloss.


Finding time to really create can be hard, but creativity stems from creativity, so we must keep the cycle flowing. Some other simple ways to tap into your creativity while at home is cooking, decorating, and gardening.



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