Change Can Be Discouraging: 5 Tips for Making It Easier

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So we are almost two weeks into the new year. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? I do not do holidays, but I enjoy New Year’s Day because it is an opportunity for a fresh start.

I notice I see more and more people saying they do not want to see anyone posting New Year’s resolutions because most tend to fall short of them.That may very well be true, but what I like is the fact that people are ready to change.They are at least conscious of it.

So what if you fall short? You fall off. Pick back up where you left off. I noticed my own problem was I wanted to make too many changes at one time. If I was not working full time and running a business, I might would have the time to focus on the areas where I struggle, but I had to come to the terms that I could only work on so much at one time. Try these tips for making changes this year.

  1. Stop procrastinating.- You long ago considered the possibility that you deserve more or you are more, but you continue to put off the things you know you need to do or cut off the things you know you need to break away from.
  2. Make a list of ALL the changes you would like to make.- Write out everything that you know you need to work on. Be honest with yourself.
  3. Pick out 1-2 desired changes to work on at a time and set a deadline of three months. I use the  word deadline loosely, but really the three months is so you should have adequate time but also have a point where you look back and check your progress.Experts say habits are formed after 21 days.
  4. Focus on your desired outcome. Don’t focus on how hard it will be to accomplish, but rather on how your life will be impacted by its outcome.
  5. After 3 months, it is safe to pursue another change. Again it does not have to be three months, we just want to ensure adequate timing. You should know when you are ready.

Change can be difficult but that should not discourage you. Take your time and fully commit. 

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