Wednesday Wonder Woman: Deara Chanel



How would you describe your swagher? What makes you, you?

My swagher is simple but captivating. Laid back but loud. My swagher makes its own statement that changes like the four seasons but always returns.

What inspired you to pursue your passion seriously and pursue it as a business?

I always wanted to operate my own business. I entered college with a vision of having my own nightclub. Once I started to learn more about the laws, liabilities, and regulations about running such an establishment, I definitely changed my mind. When I graduated with my degree in business management, I was no longer sure what I wanted to do. I was truly lost. I was a single mom with no clarity of whom I was or what I wanted to do with my life anymore. During this dark time of my life, I began to write poetry as an outlet. To get everything out that I was feeling deep down inside; I put it on paper.

I started to share my poetry with people, and then they started asking me to write something for them. That is when I knew I could make money by writing poems. I didn’t know how exactly. Writing cards was my first idea, then a book of poems, but I told myself if it’s meant for me, I can’t force it. God will show me a way. That’s when the message in a bottle idea came to me. In My Tone emerged from that! The glass corked bottle, filled with earth tone sand, and handwritten short poems is my unique version.   I unknowingly turned this passion of mine into a business that I am falling deeply in love with daily.

How much work does it take to create a bottle and do you have a set turnaround time? 

It takes 40 minutes to do one bottle, and no I don’t have a turnaround time.


Can you share a little about your upcoming apparel line?

Yes! My apparel line is for the artist that lives inside you. I feel that all individuals have an artistic streak about them. As a writer, people love my work until they had to pay for it. That’s where “Hi! I’m a starving artist, now feed me!” phrase derived from. In other words, honey you’re gonna pay for this! So I placed the phrase on t-shirts. Every time I go somewhere wearing my shirt, someone can relate I swear!



What is one obstacle you have had to overcome in business and how did you do so?

Building a business from the ground up, there are always obstacles. My obstacle was taking my time with my foundation. Also, just because I have a degree in business doesn’t mean I knew how to run a business. In other words, a textbook doesn’t teach you that you will put in work before getting one dime out of all the grinding and hustling you’re doing. A textbook doesn’t prepare you for the frustration, the hiccups, the downside of starting or running a business. I overcame this by taking it a step at a time, a day at a time, and a bottle at a time. Everyday I’m learning more about myself personally and professionally. You definitely have to have faith and patience.


Thus far, what has been the most successful method for marketing your business?

Social media is a great way to market, especially for a retail business such as mine. I connect with so many people on Facebook and Instagram. I even find businesses that host events and need vendors. I love being a vendor. Meeting people and connecting in person is still the number one way to market in my opinion. You get a better vibe when you do business in person than online or over the phone. If it weren’t for social media, it probably would take longer for In My Tone to be noticed and connect with potential customers and other businesses.


What goals do you have for the year? 

For 2016, In My Tone is ready to expand our apparel line, bring back framed poems with a new style, and start a 2017 calendar. Oh yes, In My Tone will be busy.


What words of inspiration would you care to share with our followers?

Do not let society dictate what you can or cannot do because of your sex, race, or background. All you need is a dream that turns into a goal, that will one day lead you to success. Don’t ever get comfortable or give up on what your true desires are.



Please list your website and social media plugs.

Please visit and order a lovely poetry bottle. Don’t forget to follow In My Tone on Instagram @inmytonellc and Facebook/ inmytonellc


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