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How long have you been doing hair and what sparked your interest in it?

Growing up I was always in a very creative environment and have always been into all things beauty. My mother had a high-fashion jewelry business, and I started West African dance at the age of two.  I grew up around singers, activists, musicians, and visual artists. They were all true visionaries, and I think that my own love for beauty and that eclectic environment is what really pulled my creative side out. I started doing hair professionally over 10 years ago in my college dorm. In the beginning I started doing hair because it was a hobby; it would be enjoyed with quick money, but by the end of my first year. I knew that it would be my career.

What is one obstacle you have overcome and how did you do so?

Throughout the years I have overcome tons of obstacles. My most recent major obstacle was with my own company, Pyara Hair. I had a difficult time finding the perfect hair extensions for my clients. I was forced to spend thousands of dollars and years of hands on research. I actually had to pull my sisters in for help because it was becoming extremely overwhelming, and the progress was slow. I never gave up and together we put our heads together and can now provide an amazing high quality hair line.

Do you have any tips for healthy, winter hair?

Moisturize! It is absolutely the most important thing to do during these dry winter months. Every couple of weeks with your hairstylist I suggest a professional moisturizing treatment.  Also you should always make sure you are not covering your hair or sleeping on cotton. Use a satin or silk pillowcase and scarf at all times, even under your winter hats and head scarves. Ladies stay away from cotton not only in the winter but throughout the year! Cotton dries your hair out.

We’ve heard many say that working with celebs can be more demanding than they thought. What advice you would have for them?

Sometimes working with celebrities can be a little more demanding because their jobs are more intense and complex than the average 9-5. Celebrities have to maintain their careers and personal lives while always being under a microscope at all times. I tell other hair stylists who want to work with celebrities to always be yourself, be prepared
to work very hard, and always stay positive. It is also important as a celebrity stylist to remember that getting your hair done is therapeutic and discretion for the personal information that your clients share with you is imperative. The most common thing I see is people getting so caught up in trying to live the “Hollywood” lifestyle that they lose themselves, and they aren’t building their brand. Always, always, always stay true to who you are and what you believe in.

Where do you get your styling creativity?

I get my creative style from different parts of the beauty and entertainment industry that I like. When I was younger I was obsessed with sassy movies like Clueless and Coyote Ugly; the naturally beautiful looks of Jennifer Lopez which were created by one of my favorite celebrity hairstylists, Oribe.  More recently I am loving Victoria Secret models Chanel Iman and Lais Ribeiro and have been following the work of red-carpet image maker, Adir Abergel.

How does one establish and maintain a successful beauty boutique?

The number one key to establishing and maintaining a successful business is having excellent customer service. Another is to never stop learning. I have regular clients that range from pre-teen to their mid 60’s so I always have to be very knowledgeable about new hair techniques and timely styles. Also, become very diverse so that you don’t limit yourself to one thing. Travel, meet new people, and network like crazy. You would be surprised at how much you learn about business and life just by doing those simple things.

What’s special about the Pyarah hair?

Pyara hair is Indian and Brazilian hair. There are so many hair companies out now that its hard  to find pure virgin hair. Our hair doesn’t shed, tangle, no bad odor from chemicals, and you color it just like your own hair. Its very soft and manageable. It will last years if kept up properly.

Do you have any upcoming events or projects you would care to share with us?

Im currently working on a few projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The United Arab Emirates is such a beautiful country with lovely people so I’m extremely excited to bring my knowledge of hair there.


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