listenSo I often find myself giving relationship advice.  I come from a place of openness and honesty.  Realistically, I only can tell people what I know works or doesn’t work.   When I do this I use a lot of word play.

I love words.  Words are the foundation of a sentence.  Words are the foundation of a good book.  Words are the one thing in which have the power to make or break any relationship!  You don’t have to use a lot of big words with complicated meanings.

For example, look at the words LISTEN and SILENT.  You LISTEN with your ears.  You are SILENT with your mouth.  Furthermore, you can not LISTEN unless you are SILENT.

We have to stop thinking because we HEAR, we are LISTENing.  To HEAR something just means the sound is registering in our minds.  To LISTEN means that the sound requires concentration and attention.  You can hear and not be silent, however you can not LISTEN.  The only way to LISTEN is by being SILENT!

So as you deal with your relationships and you are getting frustrated, ask yourself am I LISTENing or am I hearing?  Am I being SILENT, or am I trying to get my point across?  Is this working for me?  If it is not working, that is a big clue that you may not be LISTENing!

FACT: LISTEN and SILENT uses the exact same letters!

Peace & Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

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As a wife, mother, business owner, and new vegetarian, I aim to help others to grow outside their comfort zone. I'm one of those people who knows a little about a lot and want to share it. I am a straight, no holds barred type of person. I give real advice and tips using my own life as an open book of experience for others. "Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new" -Albert Einstein