The Fit: Couple Teams Up To Instruct Double Dutch Aerobics



SwagHer interviews husband and wife duo/owners of Double Dutch Aerobics, Sean and Michelle Clark.

Fancy: What did each of you do prior to instructing?

Michelle: Before starting Double Dutch Aerobics I was an actress in NYC with features on SNL, BET Wrap it up commercial, Land Rover commercial, independent films etc.  I also was a spinning instructor. Sean was a teleprompter operator in NYC. He promoted for Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Dr. Oz, and more.

Fancy: Is it an equal partnership or how is your business structured?

Michelle: Double Dutch Aerobics is an equal partnership between Sean and I. We are also married, so we are partners in life forever and ever 🙂


Fancy: What sparked your interest in double dutch?

Michelle: I am a World Champion in Double Dutch. I have been jumping street style Double Dutch since I was 4 and competitively since I was 8, so the interest has been there since I was a toddler. Now starting it as a business happened after acting school while teaching spin classes. As an adult, I would  see kids jumping Double Dutch, and I always wanted to jump in their ropes. I knew I wasn’t alone in this feeling. So I had the idea in me head to start an adult Double Dutch class calling it Double Dutch Aerobics. I told the idea to my then boyfriend, Sean, and he thought it was amazing. I told him that I could teach anyone to jump Double Dutch and how good I was. He believed me but didn’t know the true extent of my skill. At a family day for the YMCA, Sean saw that I really could teach anyone and he saw my skill. Sean then pushed me to start the class. The next week we started and class and Double Dutch Aerobics was born. I certified teachers under Double Dutch Aerobics and they now teach the classes in NY. We have certifications every year with the goal of having Double Dutch Aerobics offered in every state.  Sean: He originally had no interest in Double Dutch , didn’t know how to jump Double Dutch at all. I was originally teaching with my former teammates but of course this was not their passion, and their loves got in the way. Sean told me to teach him everything, and I did. The great thing is Sean is an amazing learner.  He can literally learn anything once you just show him, which has truly been a gift to Double Dutch Aerobics. He loves people and DDA is all about people. He has fallen in love with the business that is Double Dutch Aerobics and is now a Master DDA Instructor.

Fancy: What are the health benefits of double dutch aerobics?

Michelle: The health benefits of Double Dutch Aerobics is it burns 500-700 calories each class. It builds cardiovascular strength and endurance. It helps to tone your muscles. Because of all the laughing and high-fiving in classes, it brings you true joy which relieves stress.  We learn different tricks in class which challenges your brain, which is also  beneficial to your health.  Our class builds confidence because you learn tricks that you may have thought were out of your reach.  In conclusion, it’s the best fitness class you can ever take.

Fancy: How does a class typically flow?


Class starts with the minute let out, where if you have never jumped before we teach you in less than 1 min and if you have jumped before you can do whatever your heart desires that first 30 seconds. Then we show all jumpers the bases of all tricks.  After that we do our turning exercises and jump outs. We have 8 levels of jump outs, but we usually choose 2 to do each class.  We then teach the tricks outside of the rope. Next  they do the tricks inside of the rope; we repeat, and the class ends with a game called elimination. Class is one hour.

Do you all have any upcoming events or projects you would care to share?

Our regular classes are every Saturday 475 Morleand Avenue at 1pm. Membership is only $10 a month.

We do pop-up classes all over the US our next Pop-UP class is in New Orleans Jan. 24th. Contact us to sign up (404)490-0668

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Periscope : DoubleDutchAerobics


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