Relationships 101:Loving Who You Are


meandmomEach year as I grow into me, I realize who I am and who I was born to be.

Some people know from childhood if they wanted to be doctors, lawyers or whatever.  Some of them had a real structured up bringing with a mom, dad, picket fence and all.  Yay you, if this was your life, but it wasn’t mine.  I didn’t have a dream or goals, I lived one day to the next.

I used to feel bad about certain things in my life, especially the way I grew up.  Bouncing from situation to situation..home to home, having one life in California a whole different one in Louisiana taught me how to “put on” real early.

Some people let their pain show, I never did, I just persevered.  I didn’t understand why my life was what it was.  I remember being angry at everyone.  If you said something to me to put me down, I was going for your throat (period point blank).  It wasn’t until I got older (much older) that I realized that I was a something to be reckoned with.  When I came into my own and started to me, I was just like a hurricane, I was a force of nature.

You see, I blamed my mom for a lot, but what I realized (much later after she was gone), that I am her and she is me.  I am the dream she had to be great.  That’s what the next generation does, be the dream of the previous one.

She taught me how to put on make up and how to walk (walking like a lady have knock knees is a challenge).  No one can take credit for that, it is in my DNA.  So even though she wasn’t perfect and didn’t do things that other people’s mom did, she taught me what I needed.

Show no fear! I was her “g-baby” and nothing was beyond my reach!

That sass that I have, that walk in a room and shut it down thing I do, this self-confidence, yep it is all her. Because of that I can confidently be me and help others the same thing.  Stop letting others dim your light, it is in you!  Rather it is one or two generations back, greatness is part of your DNA.

Part of me accepting who my mom was as a person helped me except me.  So when someone says “oh you think you all that” or “oh Valencia you are so street”, it is quite funny.  That “street” is me wrapped up in beauty and brains, wrapped up in a lady ready to change the world, wrapped up in all my mother’s DNA.  I will gladly take that and dominate!

Peace & Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

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As a wife, mother, business owner, and new vegetarian, I aim to help others to grow outside their comfort zone. I'm one of those people who knows a little about a lot and want to share it. I am a straight, no holds barred type of person. I give real advice and tips using my own life as an open book of experience for others. "Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new" -Albert Einstein