CEO Chatter: 4 Tips For a Productive Meeting

meetng1With all the technology we have today, meetings almost seem obsolete in some fields, but I still think they can be great for sharing information and ideas and getting the team excited. Here are four tips for a productive meeting.

  1. Set an agenda.What is the purpose of the meeting? What topics will you be discussing? What issues need to be addressed? What outcome are you seeking? Write these things down and let your attendees know the agenda and what to expect ahead of time. This way they can come prepared with their own ideas and input.
  2. Start on time. Running late is often my cardio, but a business meeting is not the time for that. Some constituents instantly get the wrong idea of us when we do not start on time. I personally like to be earlier than everyone else and then maybe sit aside 3-5 minutes for others to show up, and this is already added into the agenda. Also be sure to end at the appropriate, agreed upon time.
  3. Only invite the decision makers. Sure we want fresh ideas from everyone, but when it comes to certain meetings, it is best to only have those who actually make decisions. Too many people can cause interruptions and possibly be overwhelming.
  4. Send out a follow up email. This is very important because otherwise your meeting may have been in vain. Send out a follow up email and recap the highlights of the meeting and what actions are to be taken moving forward. This is also good for that person who never takes notes, but also never knows what is going on or understand their role in things.


If one can’t leave a meeting feeling empowered, at least they should feel informed. Make the most of this time and show your attendees you do value their time and hope the feeling is likewise. Do you have any tips or suggestions you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment.


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