RELATIONSHIPS 101:Why you need a Gayle?


oprah2Now anyone who knows me knows I love me some Oprah!  Not because of her show (not my cup of tea), not because of the magazine, and not because of any ONE thing that Oprah does.

However, on the heels of her Weight Watchers purchase, Oprah shows her power.  She changed her look from weight to hair throughout the years and never apologized for it.  If she goes in the store and they don’t respect the fact that she is OPRAH, she calls them out! Guess what, Oprah literally OWNS Oprah.  It wasn’t until I got older and maneuvered around this world of TRENDS that I appreciated the O. I admire and respect her for her no apologies-respect the power and resilience attitude.  That thing she has- that I am me because I own me, yep–LOVE IT!

The greatest thing I have come to admire about Oprah though is her friendship with Gayle.  Their friendship has lasted through the test of time, before Oprah was known to the world.  Gayle was her confidant, her bounce ideas off of person, her “girl, get it done” person.  Even though Gayle is successful in her own right, she is still Oprah’s BFF.  Respect that!

I realized that was what I needed to in order to see my process and progress through–a Gayle.  So as I filtered friendships like math, added and subtracted, in some cases multiplied, I found my Gayle.  My friend who I refer to as Gayle (she calls me Oprah), is very important to me.  She is that person who I can say “here is my latest, what you think?” or “girl, I’m going to do this, what you think?”  She is always supportive and understands the workings of my extraterrestrial mind.  We are in different lanes in life, almost like night and day, however she finds the time to encourage my ideas.  If we have a conversation that involves “crickets” that is her way of saying “I don’t know”, lol.

So as we are growing in life, we have to realize that every cheerleader isn’t for you some are cheering against you (they don’t matter though).  If you tell someone something and their response cause a pain in your soul, let them go!  I am a firm believer in not wasting time or life.  If you can not find a way to be honest that doesn’t involve  negativity or talking down to me, it’s America and I’m free…that means I can tell you good-bye!

People are quick to say “I am just being honest” when they are just being hurtful.  Look it up they are not synonyms.  With that being said, find your Gayle and don’t settle for less!


Peace & Love

P.S.-Special shout out to the people who are inspired by my humble words of truth and not afraid to say it!-Y’all are all Gayles in my book!

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

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