Relationships 101: Loving An Alpha Female


An alpha female is typically an assertive and/or dominant female.  By sheer definition alone, alpha means one.  Long ago, I recognized that I was an alpha female and anyone who has dealt with me in anyway knows this.  This is not something I have to announce, it’s a presence.  I don’t know if it has to do with birth order or not ( I was the first of my mother’s children).  However, I know that I am only comfortable leading the pack.  Even in nature, it is the female lion who hunts and kills.

Just like the femlionessale lion though, at home I am domesticated.  I am very much wife, mom, and caretaker of the household.  Many people have wondered how in the world did my husband “tame” me?  That is the thing, he didn’t.  He knew when he met me, I had most if not all of the alpha female traits.  Some of those traits include-independent, assertive, confident, and in your face (without trying) sex appeal.  Those are the things that drew him to me.  Women like me aren’t for the average man, you must be strong and confident in your manhood.  My husband allows me to dominate the world and he supports everything I do, but at home I am the wife and do my wifely duties.  At  home, he is the alpha, but we are supportive of each other so no dominance needs to be asserted.

I believe that is the key to making relationships work period.  Who you are in the world should not be who you are at home.  Also, recognize and accept your mate.  If having a relationship with an alpha is not your cup of tea, then move on.  Alphas aren’t for everybody!

Peace & Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace


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