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They say there is nothing like a mother’s love, and Danita Matthews is proof. Her displeasure with the skin products she purchased for her daughter, led her to starting her business, Chelsea B. Spa Ceuticals, an all natural bath and body product line. She is also a college grad, Girl Scouts leader, and loyal daughter to her mother Barbara. Learn more about Danita from our one on one.


How would you describe your swagher? What makes Danita, Danita?

I am very confident. I am independent. I am a self starter. I am not afraid to take chances.


You initially started your business because you were not satisfied with the store bought products you were using on your daughter? Were they not meeting your expectations or what exactly?

They weren’t meeting my expectations. They were all store bought. Many of them had chemicals that I could not even pronounce. I was very nervous, because she was a preemie, and it was my first time as a mother, you know. I didn’t want other complications with her skin on top of her being a premature baby, so when I was using say for example, Johnson and Johnson, even though that is the staple for baby products, it would be really watery. Her skin would not be as moisturized as I wanted it to be. By her being a preemie baby, her skin was very flaky and dry. That was really a big part of it. I  tried Vaseline- I mean I tried everything but none of it seemed to work for her. It was almost like when you put Elmer’s glue on your hand and rub it; it was like that.


What was the first product you ever made?

The first product I made was the whipped Shea butter. I then added other butters like cocoa butter and Baobab butter, and just a list of butters.  As she started to get older, that is when I started to add a little fragrance to give it a nicer smell and make it more appealing. Then I said. “Hey I could try this for myself.” I said “Hey, I could try like a lemon ginger.” Then I tried like a cocoa chocolatey scent, nothing too overwhelming, just very light scented to see how it would work out. It worked out fine, because everything I used was natural. There were no chemicals. I don’t put preservatives in my products at all. I wouldn’t say that you can eat them, but I will say they are safe for all skin types. I have had a customer tell me that she used it on her daughter’s face. She bought a mango one, and her daughter has Eczema on her legs and face, and it actually cleared it up, I can’t make that claim, but it’s that natural- the olive oil and jojoba oil, you know just all natural oils and butters to make this.


What is one obstacle you had to overcome and how did you do so?

An obstacle I’ve had to overcome is I am actually shy, and the biggest thing I have had to do was communicate face to face with strangers and really try to push my product . When I am at a vending event or an affair I have to really try to get the customer to come over. I have to explain and have all my answers ready. Being a shy person -initially for me I would just stand there and I would say “Ok, if they want to come over, they will come.  But now I have worked on reeling them in and engaging them and having the knowledge of the product and being ready for whatever question they had for me. I think the shyness was a big piece that I had to overcome and it is working for me, because I have reached out to so many people now, and the way I overcame that by was taking a chance and saying look, “This is what you want to do. This is what you believe in. You have to be able to talk about it. If I had to go on Shark Tank and talk about it, that is what I would have to do, and so I kinda put my fear aside and went for it.


How do you market your business?

I do vending. I have an Etsy website. I will be in another magazine. I have brochures, word of mouth- and that is about it, but definitely the website. Over the summer, I did a lot of vending, but it is a lot of word of mouth, and I do a lot of social media of course. Those are my main marketing tools.


Do you work outside of Chelsea B. Spa-Ceuticals?

I absolutely do. I have a full time job, so most of my work for Chelsea B. Spa- Ceuticals takes place at night or on the weekends, so I never really have any down time. Even when I am at my regular 9-5, I find a way to work on Chelsea B. Sometimes I skip lunch, because I am out getting my brochures together or getting supplies. It is seven days a week with this.


Have you ever considered creating a line exclusively for children?

I have been planning for 2016. It’s not a line, but maybe change some fragrances and make it more child friendly, like cotton candy and bubble gum or some fragrances that children will like and definitely a men’s line.That’s in the works as we speak.The items we have now are unisex, but I am working on an exclusive line for men, because I have gotten a lot of requests for more masculine, woodsy scents. The requests come from men and of course my husband, so that is in the works. Again, that will be available 2016.


So what future goals do you have for your brand? Do you wish to be placed in the major retailers?

Absolutely. I would love to have my products in stores, but I would also like to open up my own boutique, so I can have my products exclusively sold, but that is the ultimate goal to be available to everyone and not just online and at vending events.


How do you balance your business and home?

It’s very hard. Laughs. Sometimes I just have to put down everything, and you know what- I don’t know if I can really say that I honestly make time for myself because no matter what I do, I am always into something. Just yesterday I was working out, and I had to stop and check my emails and orders were coming in. I mean it is things as simple as responding to orders, but when I do take my down time, I like to read a lot. I play tennis. I am also an author, so I am in the process of having my children’s book published, so -um there’s really no down time from this. Laughs.

Can you tell us a little more about your book?

Right now my publisher and I are looking at July 2016. That’s my passion, socially conscious children’s books. With the children’s book, what I ultimately would like to do is have a line of stationary and you know, tee shirts with the main character. The main character’s name is Chelsea B. This is all based around my daughter, and she is ten years old now. Everything pretty much ties together, and she is the common denominator.


What words of inspiration would you care to share with our followers?

Definitely don’t give up on your dreams. If you can think it, you can do it, and don’t be afraid  to take chances, because there’s always someone else who will take your ideas to fruition. You have to step out on faith. Yea, you definitely have to step out on faith. That’s what I did.


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