The definition of RESPECT

“a feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important, etc.

: a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way

: a particular way of thinking about or looking at something” ( 

We can all agree that RESPECT is a big issue in today’s society.  It is said it starts at home.  My question is are you teaching your kids RESPECT?  If children were more respectful, would crime be an issue?

I’m not just talking about the random acts of violence that are so prevalent in our society today, but the need to post BS.

We wonder why some children are out of control, but when the parents are sharing fight videos or posting “booty” shots on Facebook, can  you really say they are displaying respectful behavior?  I don’t think so.  Those same parents are the main ones who chastise their children and video it with the caption “this is how you discipline a child”.  Sad, but true.  People will comment and like it, but what about the comments when the parents are being inappropriate?  You know that time they reposted comments with the “N or B” word, or when they cussed their baby mama/daddy out via social media.  Handle  your social media as if your child could see everything because eventually they will.

Okay so I will go for the throat a little bit.  We wonder why children go out in society and disrespect their teachers and everyone on the way home from school.  Think about this-some of you steadily post disrespectful comments about the President and his wife.  Well hun, if you disrespect the highest office in the country in which you live, how are you teaching your kids respect?  No, I don’t agree with all the politics of anyone that includes the President, however I will not blatantly disrespect the office in which my father, uncle, son and several others in my family has sworn to protect!  Aren’t you sending mixed messages?  But  you love your country (rhetorical)?

In other words, respect does start at home!  That means teaching your kids top to bottom respect.  This starts with self-respect.  Teach your son how to open doors and teach your daughters how to carry herself in public.  I am tired of seeing people in public like they just got out of the bed.  I am tired of young adults cursing like they are at a house party in the store with no regards of who is around them. Tell your kids that EVERYTHING they put out in the world is permanent and will have an impact on how people look at them.

Yes my son does cuss, I know that.  But ask me if I have ever heard him.  No!  He knows better!  And I wish I would open a door and he is there!  Now that is RESPECT!

Peace & Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

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