People often say that text messaging is ruining relationships.  Oh but I beg to differ.  Texting, if used correctly, can be good for your relationships.  It is all in the way you communicate in the text that matters.

For instance, when my son got his first cell phone, while he was still in school, texting was vital to our communication.  Yes, there was the normal “come here” type text.  However, we started “love” communicating.  I would text him in the morning to simply say “son, I love you and I’m proud of you.”  He would respond when he could (this was before cell phones were allowed in school).  This was an everyday occurrence as he got older, he expected it.  Even his teachers and friends knew about our morning text messages and thought it was sweet.  I also added encouragement “do your best” or “I think you are great, smart, and handsome.”  School is not as easy as it used to be.  The children in our lives often face things we didn’t have to.  Pour into them!  Your text might just come at the right time.  It is a subtle reminder to your child who they are and who they are to you.

This is something I do in my marriage also.  My  husband knows I get busy working (empire building) and I know his job can sometimes be time consuming.  Since he gets up before me, I will usually wake up to find a text message or email.  He doesn’t ask for anything, just reminds me that he thinks I’m great and so on.  Even if it is in the middle of the day, that random text puts a smile on my face.  Love is an action word, but it is first and foremost a word.  Use it! Even that “thank you for doing the dishes” is important.

Even in times of disagreements, sometimes a text message is better than verbal communication.  I tend to get loud when I am trying to make a point, my words might be right, but my tone won’t be.  I will just text what I’m trying to say, even if that is an apology.

Start something new in your relationships, start communicating!


Peace and Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

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