Up Close w/ Dannell Booker, Author Of “Taking All Our Good Black Men”




  • What /Who inspired you to start writing??

I have always been a writer per say. Whether it was writing essays for my friends, to writing poems for my love interests in school; writing has always been my go to talent. It came easy for me.  I was able to make some extra money on the side, because kids would pay me to knock out their homework.  It also saved me from losing my girlfriends, I was able to put my feelings and emotions in words,  that I couldn’t show in real life.


I hit a point in my life where I was able to go from small two and three page essays and letters into full out novels; it was an emotional and lonely journey,  that left me filled with so much built-up anguish that I had two choices, I could either release it through anger or release the emotions through the pen. You either release through vain actions or you release through the paper. You either release through a vice or you release through thoughts of the mind.


  • Why Erotica books? What draws you to this genre?

This book has been typecast as erotica because that’s the easiest way for society to swallow sexual content within the literary form. Any story ever written where relationships are involved without a sex scene is an unfinished story to me. They steal a piece of the story from the reader that they need to know. Our actions in life are influenced by sex and by our sexual partners. The most sane person will do the most insane things based off of sex or their sexual partner. So why wouldn’t this be in a book about “everything?” This book just happens to be highly relationship based; therefore, the sexual encounters are increased in numbers and I write these sexual encounters in the most dynamic, intense and detailed way I can possibly imagine. But the beauty of this story is, you could take all the sexual or erotic pieces out and it would still  be just an amazing dynamic story.


  • What can you tell us about “Taking All Our Good Black Men”? Can you give us some insight into your main character?

Kenya is my main character. I would like to think I created a woman who was someone every woman could look up to, respect, and be proud of. Someone who speaks her mind  who acts based off of logic and a dab of emotion. Someone willing to apologize for her mistakes but not scared to make them. Someone who likes her men tall, dark, and straight just like she likes her Hennessy.



  • What was the hardest thing about writing “Taking All Our Good Black Men”?

There is a sex scene in this book that… lets just say its not anything I am naturally accustomed to. I had to write or find a way to write this without it coming off as weaker than my other sex scenes that ran through my fingers easy as I was really just writing from experiences. This scene I had to step out of my mind and body and give into it creatively so I could give people something real that I had no reality to base it off of. At one point, I wrote this piece using different names so that I could imagine I was writing something different. I would like to think I pulled it off but I know that that’s probably not true.


Are you working on any other projects that you are able to tell us about?

This is the first of a three part series, ” BIG GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO” is coming next and takes the same women you’re introduced to in TAKING ALL OUR GOOD BLACK MEN and pushes them through the next dilemma that their lives go through.


  • Can you share some words of inspiration or wisdom for our readers?

Life is hard. If you aren’t content on just living, just breathing, just being, this life is hard. I can’t even say don’t give up. Cause I honestly have thought it would be a whole lot easier if I could just throw in the towel. I just happen to be someone who “can’t.” I just can’t give in, and I just can’t give up. Know this, there is a lot of luck that goes into being successful; especially when it comes to the artistic fields. Talent isn’t enough so don’t think just because you haven’t made it to the level that you think you should be  at, its because you’re not talented enough. You may not be hard-working enough,  but its not because you’re not good enough. There are plenty of less talented people than you that have made it; both you and I know this.


How would you describe your SwagHer? What makes you, you?!

I don’t give a f***. I can’t be bought, but I can be paid. I like what I like, I do what I like, and I dislike whoever I like. This is something others have to deal with, not me. If you meet me if you’re content within yourself you will love me. If you are happy with who you are, you will love me ,but if you have any insecurities about  you self, you will hate the man that I am because we are then direct opposites. You won’t understand how I got here or much-less care, and that’s alright with me.


  • How can our readers discover more about you and you work?

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/TAKING+ALL+OUR+GOOD+BLACK+MEN


Interview conducted by Gabrielle Cornish

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