There is a post that sparked a debate on whether what a young man did at the young age of 21 was commendable or downright idiotic. After looking at so much negative backlash from the african american community I decided to put my two cents in. People fail to change the way they think then wonder why they struggle oftentimes placing the blame on God’s head, accepting it as his will. But we have a responsibility to be responsible for and towards one another. There is so much emphasis placed in the wrong places and anyone who has made a mistake in life is undeserving of forgiveness and a second chance, forgetting that we too have come short of living life without mistakes.   Here is what he posted.   September 10, 2015: Here is what a 21 year old young man posted on his Facebook page:   “The woman laying in the hospital bed, that’s my girlfriend. I met her when she was six months pregnant with the baby she is holding now. We’ve only been dating for three months, but I feel like I have been through the whole 9 months of pregnancy with her.   My he nurse would ask if I was Dad? I hesitated but my girlfriend said yes. So all the nurses would just randomly call me dad. She just gave birth to him on 9.8.2015. He was 10lbs and 9oz.This is her third child/ son. It was my first time witnessing a birth of a baby and I’m just 21 years old. When he came out I felt like he was mine. I chose to step up and fill some shoes another man had left behind.   I chose to be a father figure, a male role model to this little guy. This isn’t even my son. Most men just walk out on a family, but I walked in on one, that was missing a male role model. A lot of young men need this because it is somewhat hard for a woman to try and raise a man. When a father isn’t there in a young mans life he seems to grow hatred towards some people also. So let’s rebuild the black families. Let’s stop the loss. Kids are a blessing.”   Here was my response.   I absolutely applaud this young man. I too am torn between the awesome gesture and possible demise. However when we look around at the black communities that no longer have unity and pure hatred of not only themselves but also their fellow sister and brother I can only say job well done. Thanks for stepping in and allowing this child to NOT be another statistic. Statistics are killing us. When I say hatred I mean subliminal hatred, trying so desperately to “one up” each other. If we would spend that same amount of time and dedication to help, uphold, and uplift one another imagine how many modern day “Black Wall Streets” we’d have. But instead we have crime and fatherless homes. Suicidal mothers stressed out grandmothers. Babies having babies. Drop outs and no where to turn but to criminal activity because their hope is suppressed. They digress to accepting what was surrounding them instead of rising like the stars they are. Imagine that, a young black man being a strong black man and already people are predicting his future of failure. Pouring negativity on this young lady who may have made mistakes but could be stronger and wiser now assuming she will give him a hard time because he signed a piece of paper. I commend you young man and you and she and the other three will be in my prayers. #WellDone   What are your thoughts? Do you think he did a good thing or do you think he has set his life up for a down fall?   -Rush

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