Wednesday Wonder Woman: Candace Price



How would you describe your swagher?

My swagher is a blend of being confident, hardworking, and talented. I really do feel like a Wonder Woman! From acting, modeling, army and most importantly being a mommy, I just feel like the sky’s the limit! Staying  humble and praying has gotten me rare opportunities that I’m so thankful for, and that’s my swagher!


How long have you been acting and what sparked your interest in it?

I’ve been acting in theater since elementary school, and then I went to Columbia College Chicago, majoring in Theater.  I think what sparked my interest was just the ability to transform into characters and be believable plus watching several shows, loving the actors, and wanting to be just like them.


I remember my very first acting job was when a friend told me about Barbershop 2 seeking extras, and I went. I stood in line for hours in 100° heat!  Days later I received a random call from the casting director’s assistant asking me if I like Beyoncé and would I like to go up for a role in the movie! Of course, I said yes! I beat out 30 girls for the part, then the day of filming on set in front of all the professional actors (Ice Cube,Queen Latifah, Cedric the Entertainer, etc), it then got down to two of us who had to compete for the role. I didn’t get the part.  After that, I was devastated! I still filmed as an extra but that was it. .. I gave up! Fast forward…



What did you do on the Steve Harvey Daytime Talk Show, Chicago Fire, and Empire? Were these acting roles and if so, how did you come about them?

Back in Dec/Jan I decided to start my career again. I decided  wasn’t going to stop! #motivated #strong I can handle ANYTHING! I’m different now, a better me! #Armystrong! Not knowing where to start or having any direction I just decided to go for it. I made a promise to myself to just not STOP again! #keepmovingforward I’m going to find a way because I believe in God, and he will guide me somehow. (Steve Harvey, Barbershop2, Redeye, and April Whitaker) the first people to believe in me! #Thankyou! But I played different featured roles and was a model also.

So here I am….People ask me who’s my agent? Well, I don’t have one.I’m independent. However, when I get an agent #goals!… I will shout it from the rooftop! I’m my own PR, manager, agent, and  everything else! I take pride in that because I work hard behind the scenes.


What’s one obstacle you had to overcome in your career and how did you overcome it?

The biggest struggle has been finding time to spend with my son and  family. Sometimes I can spend as many as 14 hours a day filming on a tv show. So there are days where I don’t get to see or spend time with them.


Can you share a little about your upcoming book?

I’m so excited about my book! It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. My book is going to be a great accomplishment for me. I’m really looking forward to it being released next year!


What other projects would you like to share?

I currently have a website  that I’ve been working on for a few months now currently in development. I recently, worked on a big project that I can’t  reveal now due to film contracts that I’m so excited about! I’m also looking forward to a fun project that I got casted for in Hollywood, Ca soon!


Please share some words of inspiration for our followers.

I would definitely say from working with several successful actors, that the main thing I learned is to stay focused, consistent, and motivated and perfect your craft. And from my personal experiences, no matter what defeat you face DON’T STOP! Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen, make things happen! I’ve been doing this, and it really works!

Please list your social network plugs.


Facebook: CandyPrice

Imdb: Candy Price




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