to thine own self be true

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Today I dropped a truth nugget on myself, yes on myself. It was an accident, and it happened as I was speaking to my daughter, so I suppose you can say I really dropped a truth nugget on my daughter, but she is only four so the revelation and gravity of the knowledge will probably not find its fruition in her life until about twenty years from now. Anyhow, some of life’s greatest truths come by accident but really there are no accidents and coincidences in life, just the right moments when you are open to growth.
This nugget hit me like a ton of bricks as I replayed the conversation over and over in my mind. The truth kept magnifying as it played again and again like an old LP album skip. I sat back for a moment and smiled at myself as I realized just how smart, accidentally,  I am. (Yes, that was a vanity plug).
But what am I to do with this “nugget”? Well clearly blog about it. Then of course tweet it. Duh. But as I type this my mind is literally spinning in anticipation to get real with my self and my true purpose by diving way into my thought process and finding out what it is I really want in life. I mean I thought I knew for many years now but do I really. I mean, I never REALLY thought it out in the sense of a plan. I just leave it in my thoughts or write down a list never actually putting true ambition behind it ,but this nugget of truth really has me thinking and rethinking again. Who am I? And who could I have been if this nugget was planted in me when I was four and twenty years later it was no longer a seed but a tree of knowledge and acceptance. Wow! That statement in itself makes me even more proud of my nugget. Because BOOM; I just planted a seed in my baby girl and all I have to do is water it daily and she will go farther than I could ever dream because she now has the time that I did not have to nurture the truth nugget.
I guess by now you are probably saying “What is the truth nugget you dropped already?” Well, I am contemplating whether or not to tell you or make you go to my facebook page and read the conversation for yourself and see won’t it hit you like it hit me……..
Nah, I wont do that. However please feel free to check me out on facebook under Maisha Rush (the only one) and check out my Twitter Rush_consulting

The conversation.

Bella: Mom, water makes my stomach feel good.
Me: mmmhmm.
Bella: May I get some water?
Me: Yes, get some water.
Thomas: Mom may I have some milk?
Me: Yes Thomas, get some milk.
~Bella runs in the living room…
“Mom may I get some milk? “
Me: No because you had some water, next time ask for what you want not for what you think you can get.

Ask for what you want and not for what you think you can have.

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