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I am a firm believer in taking what you can from your job and applying it to your business. I am not referring to physical or intellectual property, but rather the skills and practices.  When I was first moved over to this well known account at my job, I already knew of their reputation for great service. Throughout my training, my trainer stressed how we treated and communicated with our customers. Once on the production floor, I was extremely careful with my customers. I apologized for the least little thing. If I was unsure (which was often being that they did not fully train us on how to fix the products), I would start my statements with “I think”, and for some customers it worked fine, but when I received customer satisfaction surveys and quality assurance evaluations, I kept receiving a “Passive” score. I could not understand.

I tried working harder, but I still saw the same results. I was confused. When I began to discuss it with my team leads and colleagues, I noticed almost everyone told me, this was happening because I was too nice and constantly apologizing. At first I thought they were joking , but the more people I discussed it with, the more I got the same response. Some went further to say “Even when you are wrong, you are right. Say it with confidence.” This really bothered me, but constantly receiving bad scores, bothered me more so I began to implement it. You couldn’t tell me I was wrong honey; I work here…. I watched my numbers go up.

In a conversation about how my boss got his position in exactly year, he shared this with me, “You can’t be apologetic in business. Even when you are wrong, you are right. Be confident. Mean what you say. Stand behind it, but take responsibility when you discover you are wrong.”

I was timid at first, because I hate being wrong, but I have implemented this practice in my everyday business interactions as well.As before, I am seeing more positive results. I have learned that the room I leave open for others seems to always place the ball in their hands, leaving me to have to always follow their play. It is valuable to keep that control.

No one really wants to work a job, run a business, build a brand, and try to have a life all at the same time, but many of us have to do it for a while. Use that time wisely. Take what you can from every experience and use it for your greater good. Remember greatness requires much self work, and change is needed. Another advantage of the fact that it is work related, is the fact that most of us go to a job five days a week, so that is five days to practice and strengthen  whatever it may be. What are some skills or lessons you have learned at your job that you implemented to further grow your business? Tweet me or leave an IG comment at @FancySwagHer.


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