Wednesday Wonder Woman: Tayia Belle Owner of Ju Bel Le Naturals




How would you describe your swagher? What makes Tayia, Tayia?`

I’m a loyal and supportive person.  I like to motivate people and help them along their path to greatness.  Be forewarned, this comes with my candid and unbiased opinion.


What inspired you to start Ju Bel Le Naturals?

I have very sensitive skin, so a lot of products irritate me.  But growing up there weren’t many natural options to help. It’s just been something I’ve dealt with.  About four years ago, I noticed that I didn’t own a single pair of shorts and hadn’t for a while, because I was too embarrassed to let anyone to see my legs. So after researching natural ingredients I decided to get in my kitchen and make my own products that would help heal my skin. I was so shocked when they actually worked! After that I started experimenting on me and my oldest daughter. It was my husband, after trying my concoctions, that suggest I go into business for myself.  He told me to think of how I finally felt and all the people waiting to feel the same sense of relief as I did.  That’s all it took!


What was the first product you ever created and how did it turn out?

The first product I made was a body scrub, because I thought it would be the easiest.  I’m now realizing how wrong I was. Ha!



What is one obstacle you had to overcome whether it be in life or business and how did you learn from it?

The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was starting my own business. I heard a lot of “whys” and “who are you to do that?”  I had to stop focusing on what everyone thought and focus on what I wanted for my family. And now I’m doing me and loving it!


What are some favorite products of your customers and why?

The body butters are most people’s favorite? A lot of women tell me how soothing and soft it makes their skin feel. Their husbands seem to really love it.  The facial moisturizer is really popular as well.


How do you market and get the word out about your business?

I mainly do social media marketing. Instagram is a businesswoman’s dream.  I also try to do a lot of vend print and sponsorships.  I really like to meet my clients and hear what kind of issues they have.  You never know where the inspiration for the next product will come from.


Do you have any projects or upcoming events that you would like to share?

I will be at the #BeOriginal Expo 9/6 and at Chics in the City Empowerment Brunch 9/19 in Atlanta.


What words of inspiration would you care to share with our followers?

If you’re going to break your back trying to please someone, it might as well be yourself.  Don’t let someone else enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Please list your social plugs.

On Twitter, Instagram, & Periscope @jubellenaturals.




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