LOVELIFE: Are you really a wife?

If you get offended easily, you might want to skip this post!

First of all, you can not be a wife unless you have a husband.  This marriage is not my first rodeo, however I will say this is the first time I have a husband.

The definition of a husband/wife is a partner in marriage.  The key word here is partner.

Some of us aren’t ready for a partner, much less a marriage.  We want to turn boys and twerkers into life partners.  If he dresses like a teenager (seeing his underwear in public is a sign), he is not a husband.  In fact, your son will be just like him (ugh). If he is always finding a hustle instead of working, he is not a husband. (7.25 is better than no .25). If he would rather spend time with is boys, instead of with you, he may not be a husband. If he is threatened by you (your drive, your looks, etc), he is not a husband.  (He might be a hater instead). If “date night” only includes sex, he is not a husband. (Picnics are free).

Eve was made from Adams rib…

If you are having a hen party talking about your husband, you are not a wife.  (Some people would pay to have your “problem”). If you are twerking in the club, you are not a wife.  (You are really not going to ever meet his mother). If you are posting pictures that are inappropriate, you are not a wife.  (No one sees that and thinks “yep she is wife material”). If you expect your husband to take care of you, instead of you guys taking care of each other, you are not a wife.  (Men like foot rubs too).

Once you have found your wife/husband, cultivate your relationship.

Couple time-talk-listen-share-laugh-communicate-RESPECT!


If you are not willing to be a “partner” in every area, then don’t waste anyone’s time.


Peace and Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace









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