From the Desk Of a Diva: Prayer In Business

I recently shared a Facebook post about pitching a proposal to another business owner. When we got on the call, the first thing she asked was if we could we pray before we began to discuss. I had never been asked such, but of course I had no problem with that, so she prayed over our business relationship and conversation. She also prayed that God blessed her with understanding of my proposal. I was impressed We ended our call on a happy note and in agreement for my proposal. 
The call was a little different, and I am sometimes skeptical of people who seem overly religious, but I found her prayer to be comforting and relatable. I pray daily to God about business. Aside from asking that he make me a better mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, and cousin,  I ask that he make me a better businesswoman, leader, publisher, publicist, and writer. I ask that he bless me with supreme wisdom and knowledge, so that I make wise decisions. I pray for patience, humility, insight, and discernment. I also ask that he removes those who do not wish me well. During times like now, when I feel like everyone but me is moving along and making progress, I pray that God removes any jealousy and inferiority from my spirit and I may be genuinely happy for others and their successes. Of course, I pray for prosperity as well.
I believe God provides us with our purpose, so it is only fitting that he should be in our business as well. Because He can be different things to each of us, some may not feel comfortable  bringing him into things, and that is understandable, but for me personally, I know what God has done for SwagHer Magazine and me. I couldn’t ever deny those blessings. What are your thoughts on prayer in business? Have you ever prayed during a proposal? Tweet me or leave a comment under my post at @FancySwagHer. 
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