Changing the SQUAD (Sour Quitters Underestimating Accomplished Doers)

blog1Let’s discuss your SQUAD.

A lot of times we expect people to be our cheerleader.  When you do something new or something amazing, we want the ones closest to us to celebrate our accomplishments.  More often than not though, we get the silent treatment or no acknowledgement at all.  It can deflate your bubble if you let it.

That is when you know that it is time to change your SQUAD (sour quitters underestimating accomplished doers) to a SQUAD (someone quickly understanding awesome destiny).

That one associate that tells you “you’re not all that” when you are feeling yourself, replace them.

That other associate that gives you side eye when you have started something new, replace them.

What about the associate that tells you that you have changed (even though it is for the better), buh bye!

Let’s not forget the associate that talks bad about what you are doing and secretly ask you how you do that, yep replace them too.

I am always replacing my SQUAD and have no second thoughts about that.  With the world being the way it is, I’m already dodging negativity like I’m in the Matrix.  I refuse to give my energy to negative people or things.  I once posted on FB that I will start (back) deleting people that post foolishness or allow foolishness on their page.  I like FB to network and inspire people, not the foolery.  My FB SQUAD includes entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, authors, business men/women, fitness instructors (hey CH) and more.  What does your SQUAD look like?

By me being SQUAD selective, I find that I am more grateful, productive, and positive.  I surround myself with the right SQUAD and can always find encouragement or motivation.  As I move towards bigger and better things, I will lose some and add some, no doubt.

But guess what? I control my SQUAD, do you?


Peace and Love

Valencia Griffin-Wallace

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