My Hair Is My Crown

While standing in the mirror preparing for work today, thinking making wiser, mature decisions must also involve checking the weather and preparing my hair for such. I fussed at myself for not having gotten a simple braid knowing it would have held up longer during this rain. After a minute I asked myself was it really that serious?” I mean really? Then again, yes it was really that serious. I had specifically chosen my twist out for the then upcoming plans I had. I knew I had two important meetings, both which required “personality” of me. My hair helps with that. People like my hair but men love my hair when it’s in a twist out. I don’t know why, but suddenly I’m this mysterious and strong woman from some other place outside of America. Crazy right? I long for another curl pattern but that’s another story…
My hair makes a statement. It speaks a great deal because it instantly lets one know one thing, “I don’t care about fitting in, because I know who I am.” With “going natural” becoming more common, some may question how are you being any different, but wearing your hair natural says you are willing to dig a little deeper to find the truth. You know yourself well enough to know you are beautiful as you are. These are immediate signs that you are not easily broken. There may be a fight before you go down. Now let me just take a minute to say, going natural does not mean stop combing your hair, even if when you comb it does not look combed! I am so tired of seeing people posting about this, but some do not realize there may still be some taming required and that can take time. So don’t read this, roll out of bed, and then think you are going to be a boss today! Thinking back, after moving, I realized my hair had not grown for months last year, because I was depressed during that time, but once I got here and began to take care of myself and it again, it has been growing fast.
I think when they say it’s just hair, it is, but it is not. Remember the story of Daniel. I later learned Daniel’s hair had nothing to do with his strength but it was the fact that  his belief was just that strong, so again it is about the hair, but it is not. My hair is my crown. It symbolizes my royalty long before words come out of my mouth or I act. You don’t have to ask a Queen if she is a Queen, her appearance, demeanor, and obvious love for herself should say all of that without words. Now am I crazy? Can any other naturals relate? I would love to know. Tweet me at @FancySwagHer or leave a comment below.
-From Fancy w/ Love
me in yellow headshot
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