The Price Of Your Obedience: Debt Free


black-couple-technology-fightI say all the time, “There are no men in Atlanta. ” That’s my polite way of saying I have subjected myself to a meatless diet that I find boring as hell. I date occasionally, but simply meeting a dating prospect is a rarity, and I in my time of awakening, cannot move forward with anyone, because I am very conscious about what I allow in my temple. Yet, if you have ever gone on a real meatless diet, you know you must supplement the nutrients you are missing, and that has been a struggle.

Sunday I went to church, but I really wanted to stay home in bed and let my mind wonder. I was a little disappointed to walk in and hear a woman preaching, because I was expecting to hear the pastor. That’s who I thought had the word for me. In the beginning I struggled to pay attention, and by chance overheard her say, she had went to a married Christian panel discussion. I tuned in a little more, because I had hosted a relationship panel before and wanted to know what this one was like. The guest pastor went on to say, she did not know why she attended the panel. Nothing they said stood out to her, but just at the end, a man from one of the married couples, stood and begin to speak. He too agreed they had only discussed the negative consequences of sex before marriage, but he mentioned that they had not discussed the good parts about the price of his and his wife’s obedience. He went on to share how he and his wife, who was then his girlfriend at the time, would pray over their relationship and for strength.

The guest pastor shared that he said for their obedience, their wedding was paid for debt free. The wife’s dress was purchased debt free. Their honeymoon was paid for and totally free. They bought their home debt free. Now his wife is able to stay home and raise their two children, while he works because they have no debt. Plus they both had paid off their student loans and cars before thirty. BOOM!

I sat there and reflected over my past failed relationships and situationships and my own debt, and thought “So you mean to tell me my struggle is the price of my obedience?” I mean of course we all have wondered what we did wrong in the past to cause our current situations, and of course no situation is the same, but this message was for me that morning, because I am one to give in to temptation.

As we were dismissed, something told me to speak to the lady who I had sat with and gotten to know through the “turn to your neighbor” moments. I asked her if she was a member of the church and she said no. She asked about me, and I said no as well, but admitted that I always feel compelled to join because the church is always doing something I would like to do. She laughed and agreed, but said she wish they had a Singles ministry. She was still laughing, but I was thinking, “Wow, that’s what I need!” Now we don’t know if the church has one at this time, but they were having meetings for members in our age group, but neither of us are members….

I still intend to look into the ministry, but the message that day was clear for me. Yes, these nights are restless and lonesome as hell, “Power” has ended for the season, and it is about to get cold, but just be patient. And I must admit, in spite of those nights, business is good. My creativity is going. I am challenging myself, but hey, the Libra woman is longing for some fairytale ish, while all these brothers are Grimm. Now I am not considering myself to be celibate at this time, but I am not settling. I have learned to value myself, and with each avoided temptation, I pride myself a little more on being stronger and wiser (spotting bs right away,) and it seems like I am being rewarded in a different way, through my professional blessings. Have you ever noticed or experienced such? Share your story and help keep a sister strong.  

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